Talika Lipocils: the promise of healthy lashes in 28 days!

Talika Lipocils line is very convenient to find. Just click here. Don't forget to read about my Online Shopping "cheat sheet" before proceeding to checkout :p

If you want thicker, longer lashes, Lipocils is the product for you. It promises exactly that in just a few days. In less than a month, clinically proven results would be yours too!

I'm not very sure with the "longer lashes" claim, but after trying Talika Lipocils for a while, I can vouch for the "healthy lashes" effect. My lashes are now healthier, they don't fall off easily, especially when I remove make-up--and same as with skin, having perfectly conditioned lashes is the secret to having sexy fluttery peepers.
Quick Tip: Lipocils is definitely NOT for sharing OK? Because it has a more liquid formulation than a mascara, it requires greater thought and hygienic effort. In cosmetics, liquid=bacteria...sooo,

TIP: Don't Share;
MAKE SURE your lashes no longer have traces of make-up, especially mascara on it, unless you want to dirty up the wand of your Lipocils... 
AND last, wipe the wand on a clean tissue after using it.

Enjoy and good luck!


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