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Are you down with the blues? Well here's a similar hue that can brighten things up.

Adding a little color yo your eyelids can draw attention to your peepers instantly! I really like this palette I personally selected (customized) using two pearl shadows and two vibrant eyeshadows. As of writing, each shadow pan is on sale: just Php 50!!! Those of you who have been using or who have old make-up you can get rid of, go ahead!Take advantage of the sale.

For some weird reason, I'm having the hardest time to make my white vibrant eyeshadow work for me... :( It appears chalky.

The three shades (white shadow shown in previous photo was not swatched) are swatch on a sheet of paper as seen in photo above. I swatched on paper because I want you to see how the colors really look like and my skin color might be too far off!

Swatching the BB balm. It comes only in one shade but it blends well on the skin. I'm not a hundred percent sure with super fair skinned ladies but for light to medium, maybe even dark skin tone, the BB Balm can work for you.

You apply it just like you would with your two-way cake foundation. :)
Of all the Elianto products I've tried, I would have to award the "best" title to Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm.  It's neat (both neat: not messy and neat: pretty cool!), easy-to-use, glides smoothly on the skin, and is skin-type friendly. It's only Php 599!

For the eyes, I chose these three shades. As much as I teenage dream of using rich royal blues on my eyes, shades of blue just doesn't go well with my skin tone. I have to be extra careful with blending and application when using shades of blue because when I go over, the make-up looks like a dark bruise.

Happy to share that a slide away the blue spectrum is a shade that embraces my tone so well: violets.

I chose two pearl eyeshadows and one vibrant eyeshadow from Elianto. Elianto has the best pearl eyeshadows! Other lines also refer to this kind of eyeshadows as shimmers, and Elianto has such an amazing selection of shimmers to choose from! I have been using pearl eyeshadows from Elianto for almost four years now and my love for them remains.

This shade is a great base for a playful purple smokey eye. It has a no-crease satin finish leaving the eyes with a hint of sparkle.

Eyeshadow pans are now on sale! Just Php 50!!
The best thing I love about pearl eyeshadows: they're finger friendly! haha

You know those days when you want to a hint of color on your face, preferably your eyes, but you don't want to go through all that trouble of priming, lining, selecting and cleaning brushes afterwards? Well, Elianto's Pearl Eyeshadows are finger-friendly indeed! You can just use your index finger to scoop some color to blend on your lids and voila, you're good to go! Of course you can do this with any other make-up or brand or palette, but based on my own personal experience, not all products work well with this kind of application...

Speaking of which:
Elianto Vibrant eyeshadows are a bit tricky to describe...
If you want strong and bold shades even with minimal application, use Elianto Vibrant Eyeshadows. The name stands for itself already. Their colors are striking and are definitely show-stoppers. I would recommend the vibrant eyeshadows to those who wish to compose a fun and playful look. My tip however, is to use appropriate brushes when using the vibrant eyeshadows. They can be pretty messy when used without grace.

Unlike their shimmer counterparts, Vibrant eyeshadows are not for the lazy! Because they leave strong striking colors even with just one stroke, you don't want to leave the house with racoon-painted lids. However, the great thing about Elianto's vibrant eyeshadows is its versatility! Use it to create any look--no matter how couture or playful it may be!

Elianto Vibrant Eyeshadows are also great to use to create a deep-set eye effect on your lids. Simply brush and blend under your brow bone and witness how your eyes smolder with the color of your choice!

Careful though, I recommend you choose your shades wisely. I have had my experience with some vibrant shadows and as much as they can really complement or up the notch of any look, they can fail you sometimes. Be sure you have a "determined" make-up remover if you're going to use a vibrant eyeshadow. Elianto has skin-safe lip and eye make-up removers as well as make-up removing tissues to choose from if you prefer natural-based products. My recommendation would definitely have to be their Pomegranate lip and eye make-up remover. Smells so yummy!

The packaging is super cute! It looks like a yummy cake! Elianto's Baked Blushed is definitely "Yum!"

This is such a versatile product. You can use it as a blusher/bronzer and you can also use it as a shimmery golden brown eyeshadow! All that for just one Php 339 pop! :)
The Baked Blush is a perfect ten. I use it with my angled blush/contour brush and look at the results! I think it's really pretty. It can definitely give any pinkish glow a run for its money... who wants to be rosy if you can be golden? :)

By the way, in case you're wondering what I'm using for my lips... oh dang, I'm so excited to share this. It's my new love actually! It's Elianto's Matte Berry lipstick.

I didn't expect the prettifying effect of having matte lips!

At first I stayed away from matte lipsticks like it was the plague because I am afraid of chapped lips! I had before a traumatic experience when I had dry lips, I smiled, and OUCH, I got this major cut on the lips! I swear, it made me fear smiling for a long time!

The Matte Berry lipstick works differently though. It has a creamy formulation which accounts for it's strong staying power. As long as you don't eat or drink, the color remains the same from application. Well, some of you might think, well of course it would stay because you didn't do anything with your lips, but trust me. There are so many lip products out there that vanishes... for I don't know why!

I don't like it because it leaves lipstick marks on almost anything my lips can touch but it's a pretty cool lipstick to use should you want to seal a letter with a kiss ;p

I love it because it has the prettiest matte pink shade ever! See photo below for swatches.

I'm using Matte Berry #01 in the photos above. For only Php 359.

Taken on a different day, here's Matte Berry #01 on my lips. I had to take the opportunity to snap a shot of my puckers while wearing it because the lighting was so great. :) Look how rich the color is! It's so smooth on the lips too!

Taken on a different day too, during our last Enchanted Kingdom trip, hehe. I'm wearing Matte Berry #04 naman. The Matte Berry lipstick line is such a thrill to use!


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