Book to Basics #22 Juliet by Anne Fortier

Please let the video load and watch it so you have something to listen to and re-listen or reminisce with after reading about my thoughts on Anne Fortier's novel Juliet. Embedded is Dire Straits HQ music video for song Romeo and Juliet as found on YouTube.

Suffer as I may, I will always be fascinated by stories of star-crossed lovers.

"If men are not born fools, politics and flattery certainly help them along."

If you enjoyed The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and/or Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, then you would probably have your share of thrill with Ann Fortier's Juliet--though of course let me note in advance that Juliet is not as heavy on the historical fiction and allusions, and has more of the romance factor going on. Depending on your taste, you judge. But since Juliet is a novel that plays with something not as controversial as whether there's a living breathing descendant of a major religion's God nor is it a story about an actual "demon", an impaler, to be alive and in hiding/reclusion, Juliet does offer a deeper more profound and elaborated story revolving on one of the most loved classics of all time: Romeo and Juliet. If you find that uninteresting, then Juliet is definitely not the historical fiction title for you BUT if you're fascinated with Shakespeare's allegedly fictional lovers, as I am, Juliet would be difficult to ignore by now.

Frankly I decided to read Juliet for two reasons, it reminded me of my friend Dindin who is unreluctant in inviting me to Italy, and because I enjoyed Letters to Juliet the movie.

No regrets.

My heart was left a-pounding when I realized I was reading the "secret wedding" of Romeo and Juliet. I couldn't believe how unguarded the scene caught me; and frankly, all I could think of was wow, how much more for Madame Giouletta?

(Something from a scene prior to the wedding I reacted to above--nearly gave me a heart attack.)
Romeo: "I need to have you, completely, at my table and in my bed, or I shall waste away like a starving prisoner. There you have it; forgive the lack of poesy."

I don't know what Romeo is talking about. THAT was poetic.
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