San San Age Defense Lipstick

Online shopping brings the death of me. Truth is, I think I can (tend to) spend far beyond half of my income shopping online. The problem is made worse by the fact that I'm pretty much online, all the time!

Before I talk about San San's Age Defense Lipsticks, let me do a little segueway talk about Nyx Round Lipsticks... which I pretty much "met" online. There are tons and tons of online resellers of Nyx Cosmetics here in the Philippines. I only bought Nyx RLS (for Round LipStick) once from GetSophisticated, a really great online shop for your US branded cosmetics. She carries, so far, the cheapest pricing for Nyx Cosmetics although she also resells almost any brand of cosmetics available in the US. When I bought from her, I bought two Nyx RLS (in Harmonica and Louisiana--see this page for the swatches) and a box of Smashbox glosses--which I ended up losing so soon! IDK where it went!

Anyway... I thought of mentioning Nyx RLS because I don't like them and I would like to compare my dislikes on Nyx RLS and contrast it with my likes on San San Age Defense Lipsticks.

I fell for the bandwagon on Nyx RLS mania because it's dirt cheap and it has the widest range of lip shades--perfect for playful people such as I! However, I am completely disappointed with the Nyx RLS that I think I went through a phase where I developed distrust over online shopping/stores/sellers/shoppers/and yes, bloggers--since basically at a time where I was very new to the cosmetic-online shopping field, I trusted these sources.

Everybody talked about how great Nyx RLS's are and I trusted that. Good thing I didn't go crazy and just bought two... but still it's not the money wasted that bummed me out; rather it's the over-hyped reviews and features on the product that ended up disappointing me. Yes, Nyx RLS have great shades to choose from and YES Nyx RLS are really affordable, but SORRY...  they don't last long (you end up applying over and over again), they hardly have any beneficial effects on the lips (I won't live with Nyx RLS alone else I'd have chapped lips--lip moisturizer's a must), etc. I love you Michelle Phan but I am sorry to have fallen for your video tutorials featuring Nyx RLS. Perhaps I should have considered that when you do your videos, the make-up is pretty much for shoots or whatever and are not for all-day use.

My favorite San San Age Defense Lipstick... shade #03! (Photo taken from

THEN I "met" San San Age Defense Lipsticks and wow. I am seriously floored... not to mention completely thankful that I got to try on the product!

Here's a swatch for San San Age Defense #03 :) Ganda di ba? I used Elianto Lip Liner that's why my lips look extra plump and is sexily shaped. :)

SORRY. I CAN'T SEEM TO FIX THE DISTORTION OF THIS PHOTO. MUST BE AN ERROR WITH PHOTO UPLOADER. Using Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer, ELF Studio Highlighter in Light, San San ConcealerSan San Brow Definer #03, Dollface Cosmetics Avant Garde Eyeshadow Palette, L'oreal Volume Effect Mascara in Black, Human Heart Nature Love Minerals Blush I forgot the shade sorry, Elianto Lip Liner I forgot the shade too sorry hehe, and of course San San Age Defense Lipstick #03. :)
 Here are my reasons why San San Age Defense Lipsticks are AWESOME:
  • they have a rich creamy formula that is very easy to glide on the lips
  • the lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented--and as a lipstick lover, a pop of color on the puckers is my favorite kind of POP
  • they are sooo affordable, you only need to shell out Php106 a lipstick
  • the colors fit ANY skin tones (although this affects my list of "things I don't like about San San Age Defense Lipsticks)
  • the lipstick's packaging is simple and hassle-free
  • has SPF15--which is great! Sun protection on the lips is a must as lips are very sensitive!
  • the lipsticks are enriched with Vitamins A, C & E--which are what I call the "beauty vitamins" as they slow down the aging process and result to radiance and youthfulness
  • San San Age Defense Lipsticks are local! Be proud to be Pinoy!
These are my reasons why I'm bummed with San San Age Defense Lipsticks:
  • they don't have much shades to choose from... which is why they fit all skin tones. Their shades are either classic reds and nudes which are not really bad shades--in fact these are staple shades--however, a little more variety wouldn't hurt. I hope they develop more shades to choose from!
  • they are not always available. I have been to various HBC outlets and I have yet to see a store which carries ALL shades at once. One of the great things about the San San lipsticks is it's really fair and affordable price--meaning, people like me are most likely to buy the whole line, haha! However, I have not seen a store that has all available shades at one go. I'm not sure if it's on the distribution side or if the lipsticks really do sell like pancakes (or if I'm just plain unlucky) but nonetheless, this affects my liking of the brand.
Balancing out my likes and dislikes on San San Age Defense Lipsticks, it's pretty obvious I lean closer to loving it. In fact, it's been three days that I've been sleeping wearing my San San Lipstick, haha! At first I did so to see if the pigmentation/color would last until the morning (it did!) but IDK, come third day, I think I'm just doing it because I feel really pretty wearing my San San Lipstick (I particularly love shade #03--oh my goodness it's one of the greatest things that ever touched my lips).

Ahh... this sheer joy of finding value and contentment in a quality product.

Extra pretty eyes to match super creamy sexy lips. :)
Good night!


Of course this is just an account of my experiences with the products. I know how online sharing can go from nice to really crazy so if you disagree with me, please feel free to comment and I would really appreciate it actually, cause maybe, you may shed light on areas I could've overlooked. Make peace!

FOR MORE INFO ON SAN SAN COSMETICS: I have a review/feature here. :)

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  1. i'll buy one of it tom ang zen mag also hehe...

  2. thanks for the review. parang na intriga din ako sa NYX lipsticks good thing i read this kundi i might regret..hehe true..nagkalat sa mga online sellers :D

  3. wow! that's one nice review...and yeah you're right! their lipsticks are not always complete which is such a bummer...I am looking forward in trying this one... :)

  4. Thanks for this very honest review! This is such a great post! :) Btw, check out my blog! I followed you, I hope you follow back :)

  5. I have 4 nyx lippies, 2 nyx rls and 2 nyx lips (stays longer than rls).. Oo sis, sobrang turn-off yung staying power nila. :) Ganda pa naman ng mga shades nila. :) favorite ko yung tea rose. :)

    Waaa. gusto ko i-try yung san san. Thank you sa review sis :)


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