Book to Basics #19 Happiness Now by Andrew Matthews

I welcome 2011 with two book reviews dealing with two essential things in life (for me and I think universally): happiness and passion. 

To read about passion, go to this link. To read about happiness, stay a little while.

I borrowed  Happiness Now by Andrew Matthews from my dear friend Bea. At that time, I had to write an article for Zen Health Magazine (Jan-Feb 2011 issue) and among my select friends, I knew Bea was the person to run to for some reference reads.

There's nothing overwhelming about Happiness Now, nor is there anything depressing about it. Before reading it I thought it to be so weird that I, Ms. Loving Sunshine, and reading a book like Happiness Now, but few hours since I opened myself up to Happiness (literally and metaphorically speaking), it didn't feel like a waste of time at all. There's nothing weird about wanting to master the art of living a happy life. Spend some time and curl up with a copy of Happiness Now. It's an entertaining way to help yourself realize how happiness is the most abundant feeling in the world, next to love that is.

Post-its are great.

Here are some of the things that made me smile while reading:
  • If you were to worry about everything you need to do in the nexth month, or everything that could go wrong in the next year, you could go nuts! But you can handle one day at a time.
  • You strengthen your MUSCLES with exercise. You run uphill. Gradually you get stronger. It is the same with your thinking. You strengthen your MIND by facing problems.
  • Assume that every problem in your life is a lesson to make you stronger. Then you never feel like a victim.
  • When you set yourself a goal to run a business or a marathon, when you set a goal to get a degree or a promotion, or to learn Chinese, you arrive a different person to the one who started. That's what "goals" are really about--what they make of us in the process of achieving them. That's why we bother.
As the book says, you words shape your future. When I read that I figured, I should always be conscious of the difference between I will and I'll try.

Make each day happen.

Happy 2011!


Please grab yourself a copy of ZEN Health Magazine Jan-Feb 2011!


  1. Ako rin sis, madaming lines ang napasmile ako habang binabasa yan. very inspiring


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