Happy FIRST Blogversary giveaway

Can't believe it's just been a year since I started www.lovingsunshine.com :) I wasn't even www.lovingsunshine.com to begin with. I was simply: www.kumikomae.blogspot.com...

What started to be a simple new year's resolution (to blog every tuesday) turned itself into this very fulfilling hobby and I'm so thankful that for a year now, I have been given lots of opportunities to share with you the joy and the love and the sunshine all year round!

I'm looking forward to a more beautiful year ahead!!

LET'S CELEBRATE! I invite you all to grab a copy of ZEN Health Magazine's Jan-Feb 2011 issue and take a picture of you holding it up (best if opened on my article's page). Post this photo on my FB wall and as prize, you may get the chance of winning one of the three Diamond Peels I'm giving away!

Please do join! For fun lang. Contest will run until Feb. 11--I have my reasons... it's someone's birthday on Feb 11! I'll announce the winner on the 28th :)

Click Like button and/or Hug box to greet me a Happy First Blogversary! :) Cake is by POPCAKES. Visit their site!
Thank you to all!



  1. Hello, Kumiko! Happy First Blogversary! Woohoo! :)

    Do not let you fire out.

    Here's for more awesome blog entries, friends, fans, contest and giveaways! Cheers! :)


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