SPECIAL FEATURE: Make-up for the Everyday Superstar

I believe everyone's born beautiful that's why I didn't have second thoughts in giving Maybelline's newest set of beauty BFFs a review. I even looked through my stash and made sure I had an all-Maybelline make-up ready to accompany my review of Maybelline's Hyper Diamonds palette. I only have their Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation and Clear Smooth Minerals Powder. I updated by buying a tube of Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream too! I fell in love at first swipe... really! It's amazing. One shade fits all!

Now for the star of this review... Maybelline Hyper Diamonds. I used the Black/Gray palette. 

(To remain true to what the products look like, I resisted the urge to edit even the brightness/contrast of the photos which I took using only a camera phone. With this, you can really see how the products look on my skin--sans the power of digitally modified improvements on pictures) 

MAJOR apologies for not-so perfectly groomed brows. I really debated with myself if I should touch them prior/for this review but I really want to grow my brows so I can reshape. Hope it doesn't ruin the super easy Everyday Superstar look I want to share with you! Step-by-Step instructions come after the photos :) Read the captions to know more!

Photo above was taken last Saturday (today's Monday) when I first practiced the look I wanted to do for this review. Sorry about the lighting, I didn't bother edit it anymore (reasons stated above). It was a very bright morning! <3
Okay here goes:
That's me wearing just my day moisturizer. I'm looking up to emphasize my eyebags, haha! After the BB cream, I used a concealer and blended the two together. See next photo for the result. 
Wearing Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, light concealer and a weird smug. Also, I set the cream by brushing on Clear Smooth Minerals foundation--for a long lasting fresh from the shower look!

Look at how bland my other eye looked beside the Hyper-Sexyfied left eye, haha! I just wanted you all to see the difference :) No mascara here yet.

See the hyper-pigmented color of Maybelline's Hyper-Diamonds palette. I achieved the look on the photo above by patting just one layer of the shadow. I only retouched it by patting what's left on the applicator when it was time to blend the shades together. As you can see, I did a flirty wing on the sides of my eyes. Also, I'm already wearing heavy mascara by this time. I used Maybelline's Magnum Waterproof Mascara. The mascara can really heavily thicken your lashes which results to really sexy flirtacious peepers but take note that the wand of Magnum is a bit thick, so be precise and careful when applying! :)

Eyes are very expressive and super sexy especially when properly defined and accentuated with an eyeliner and eye shimmers.

Angel Lift Blush on my cheeks. I forgot the shade!  whoopsie! But it's the coral-ish pink one. :)

Dream Shine Lips in B22. Delicious Au Naturale shade perfect for your everyday make-up or of course to be paired with Sexy Smokey Eyes.
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Step-by-step Instructions: Don't be scared with the length of my how-to. I just wanted to give a detailed instruction to further guide you. :) The look is very easy and can be completed in just 15 minutes--or less!

  1. If you're going to use a dark palette for your eyes, make sure you start with a clean canvas--a clean and properly moisturized face. You want clean so your make-up would result to a polished look. You want moisturized because at any given day, you should always give your skin, especially your face, the nourishment it deserves.
  2. I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals 8-in-1 BB Cream (for the first time) and I'm far too pleased with the results. It isn't cakey and it is well absorbed by the skin--fast! When using liquid foundation, you have to wait for your foundation to be absorbed by the skin which is not advisable for ladies who are running late for school or office (ahem!) so I'm really happy that the BB Cream was absorbed by my skin fast. My make-up time for today was approximately 15 mins only. :)
  3. Just to emphasize, I didn't follow the general rule of smokey eye make-up which requires well-groomed brows, teehee. Know that the look would be much much better if your brows are well-shaped, so don't follow my lead on this one. :p
  4. For this look, I wanted to do a smokey eye make-up that is wearable even during the day. I used the palette's light gray and white shades for my eyes, the black shade to "line" my eyes and the glitter to add to the oomph factor of my daytime smokey eye make-up.
  5. The wonderful thing about Maybelline's Hyper Diamonds Palette is its highly pigmented yet easy-to-blend shades. As mentioned in one of my photo captions above, I only needed to swipe one thin layer of shadow to achieve the color I wanted and needed for my smokey eye.
  6. (Use the wider tip portion of the applicator that comes with your Hyper Diamonds palette for steps 6 & 7) Use the light gray shadow and pat it on the corner of your eye (the corner far from the nose). This would give your eyes the sexy shadow and definition later on.
  7. After doing #6, blend and swipe the white shade from the other corner of your eye to the area where you applied the gray eye shadow. Blend and make sure you cover your entire lid with the white shimmer.
  8. This time, flip your applicator and use the thinner tip. pat it lightly on the black eyeshadow and use it as a liner. Apply feather thin and line strokes of black nearest to your lash line. You can opt to wing it, as I did, or just line until the corner of your eye--as defined by the gray shadow you used in step #6.
  9. Using what's left of step #8, line your under-eye too. Stay as close to your waterline (the inner portion of your eye where you can also put eyeliner) but don't line ON your waterline. 
  10. Pat some of the glittery shimmer on your entire lid. You may also improve the blending of your shades as you do so. You can opt to apply only a few or go heavy on the glitter. Have fun on this step! :)
  11. Layer on heavy mascara. I used Maybelline's Magnum Waterproof Mascara, the one that comes in the sunny yellow packaging. It is perfect if you want thicker lashes. As for a smokey-eye look, thicker lashes always ups the ante.There, do the same to your other eye and you're done with sexy peepers!
  12. Applying blush is optional since you already have a lot going on with your eyes. Since I don't want to look washed-out, I don't get enough sleep often so I tend to look pale during the day (haha Twilight look: pale with diamonds on the skin? :p) I brushed on a light layer on my cheeks to achieve a natural coral cheeky flush. Smile so you can emphasize the apples of your cheeks.
  13. Last but not the least, lipstick! I used Maybelline's Dream Shine Lipstick in B22 shade. It's glides on my lips smoothly and is glossy enough to skip putting another layer of make-up for the lips. Because it's from the Water Shine collection, you're sure that your lipstick is moisturizing your puckers at the same time! (What do you think of the color? I'll upload another shot for your reference :p )
I think I'm in love with this shade. I'm definitely checking out the New Dream Collection from Maybelline's Water Shine Lipstick line! You should too! Check out my other post for the complete line of the Dream Collection. Click the link below. :)

Of course, the Hyper Diamonds Eye Shadow (Php 599) palette also comes in different shades. Below is the complete line:

So... which shade are you leaning to? They're all so pretty right? They can go from day to night! I'll upload in my next blog a how-to-IMPROVE your day look to party-central worthy. (Night Smokey Eye Make-up now posted. Go here.)

Enjoy and have a beautiful day everyone! Show me some love by leaving some comments! 


Maybelline products are available in all leading department stores and Watsons outlets. Please add their FB page here, they hold lots of contests! Speaking of contests, I have one that I am gladly inviting you to join. Click here. :)