All You Need is Love

From Zen Health May-June 2010.

Take it from the newlywed. Love Anover-Lianko or “Love”, as she is fondly referred to by friends and family, says: “Happiness is making other people happy. Happiness is not real if you don’t share it.

True enough, the blissful bride recently tied the knot with long-time friend, barkada if I may say, Jomar Lianko, whom she candidly referred to as someone she just met on a social networking site. “I never thought he’d be ‘The One’ and I think that’s the really great thing about love and happiness, you can find it almost anywhere—that is if you open up your heart, mind, and life to it,” she said.

Love described herself as a very positive person—the secret to her everlasting energy she said. As she is often asked, she uses her perpetual stock of high-funk energy to share good vibes and contribute to a good morning for the millions of viewers who watch her on “Unang Hirit.”

“I wake up earlier than sunrise! Sometimes I amaze myself by how much life I am able to show when I do my traffic report; but whenever I think of the lives I tough, even in the simplest sense, all these good vibes replenish whatever personal stresses and problems I have,” she said.

According to the ecstatic reporter, happiness is all about being positive. Because her segment is traffic, which is stressful for everyone, she takes it upon herself the responsibility to uplift the viewers’ mood as much as she could. Effectively enough, if you hear her levellacious laughter, it’s just not possible to stay on a bad mood.
“I think people forget to feel blessed, and that’s something I always try to remind everyone around me. Of course I do have my share of problems. I had such a melodramatic life, truth-be-told, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing I could be thankful about. The fact I wake up each day, that in itself is a blessing I am grateful for.”

Aww, superman inspired. Oh, Beauty and the Beast is also my favorite Disney Princess movie!

The Big “L” Word

Because her name happens to spell L-O-V-E, it was quite obvious to ask her about matters of the heart. The newly-wed’s reaction was to laugh out loud, its echoes filling the room.

Love is still savoring the blissful soft echoes of her much awaited wedding last Feb. 21, 2010, which also happens to be her birthday. She shared how her love story took the long road, instead of the easy paved path.

Originally “just friends”, their relationship blossomed to something more intimate and romantic which Love repeatedly exclaimed gratefulness for. “I am really happy that I experience this now, at this time of my life, when I feel I’m ready emotionally, spiritually, financially and even professionally.”

“In my husband’s proposal video, he joked ‘parang tayong dalawa talaga. Pinanganak ako Feb. 14, Valentine’s. Ikaw naman Lovella, Love’,” she said. “Sobrang Masaya. I have been praying for it, since forever, and I’ve gone through a lot of experiences falling in love in search of my Prince Charming, and right now I’m very happy because the timing’s perfect. I’m ready and I found him,” Love said, blushing.
“When I met my husband, I didn’t expect he’d be the one I’d be marrying which proves really that blessings are just around us, all we have to do is recognize and acknowledge them,” Love shared.

I asked her how connected happiness is with being in love, and this made her giggle. “You know, it’s so true! Happiness and love are really intertwined! When you’re happy, it’s so easy to find, feel and give love; but when you’re sad, it becomes difficult to be vulnerable to love. Likewise, when you’re in love, you’re happy,” Love said.

Ang happiness may love na kasama. When you allow love and happiness to be part of your life, yayakapin ka niyan,” Love said.

Happiness for Healing

A believer of karma, Love said the easiest way to a healthful life is to be positive and to surround oneself with good people. “When a person is healthy, that person sees life optimistically. This then radiates and affects people around him or her to also be more positive, likewise, a positive outlook also nourishes one’s spirit and contributes to a healthier immune system and a livelier attitude,” she said.

“I don’t think mabubuhay ka to the ‘nth’ level if you’re sad—you’d get tired easily,” the candid reporter expressed.

Although Love admits maintaining an active lifestyle by playing badminton and biking which she does with her husband, she still considers happiness of laughter as the “bestest” medicine in life. “Laughter is a product of being happy. You don’t just laugh for no reason—well, unless you’re crazy,” Love said as she slowly loses track of what she was trying to say because of her amazement with crazy people who can laugh for no reason. But after she regained herself, she said, “Laughter is something that the world needs; the world shouldn’t ever run out of laughter.”

“Laughter should fill the world. It dissolves anything bad and makes something beautiful out of it,” Love said before she laughed heartily. “Laughter is like anaesthesia. It helps you forget your problems and feel better about yourself, your life. I’m sure you’ve experienced having that kind of laughter, the kind where you just couldn’t breathe and tears form in your eyes,” Love said. “Admit it, ibang level yun di ba?”