Hair Fixations

Everybody knows I couldn't care less about my hair... I have completely given up when it comes to my tresses; but before you let out that sigh, it's only because I have naturally curly hair; I live in a world where every "beautiful" woman have smooth and shiny locks; I have tried all sorts of treatment--some that stung, some that stung a lot--in vain. Now... I'm practically just letting my hair grow. Some of my curls are back (see photo below), some are mixed with my "hopelessly troubled" ends, but the bottom line is my crown is regaining life. Finally.

Crazy curls... :)
To aide my way to healthy hair, I try/use/commit/marry various hair products that nourish the hair and scalp. Just like in life and in love, it has been a tedious trial and error journey but I'm glad to share that my acquaintances, though some be short and sweet, gained me friends too. 

Below is a list of my hair product recommendations:
1. Human Heart Nature

When my hair grows really long, I suffer from hair fall. Sometimes, to the point that I'd fear combing my hair because I don't want to be bald of course! After using Human Heart Nature's Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, along with their Intensive Hair Mask, I know it's going to sound unreal BUT no more hair fall. Like if before, while rinsing my hair, I pull loads (uh, painful memory) now if I compare my hair fall to a ten before, now it's basically just 1! SERIOUS!

Doesn't leave a heavy nor a greasy feeling and texture on the hair after treatment.

2.  Kerastase

Of all high-end hair products, I fancy Kerastase the more. Primarily because of their logo, which is basically "K", my initial--teehee. Although on a more serious note, Kerastase products really do bring the life back to the any forms of kulot.

I use Oleo Relax Nut in the evenings before going to sleep.

4. Goody

Back in high school, I committed the mistake of equating hair elastics to Goody, the brand. But I've learned my lesson.

Other than favoring Goody elastics, and wide-toothed combs to brush my brittle when wet hair, I use the Goody Stay Put bands. They're amazing! I couldn't live without them especially during summer season when life is conveniently a beach! They really do Stay Put and are kind to wet--beach wet--hair.

Plus, they come in an array of colors!

Goody Stay Put line, the best thing that ever happened to the rubber band. 

I'm seriously considering a haircut... but I really want big curls! Ooh, ooh, birthday wish: huge curling iron! (music)

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How about you? What are your suggestions?


  1. I have hair loss problem too :( so bad.. I avoid brushing my hair too often. Right now, I'm using Garnier Neril Products. It works for me. I've never seen Human Heart Nature before


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