DIY Coffee Scrub ++

Coffee is the sexiest way to sexiness!
I love coffee, so much. But I never imagined myself loving it more than I already do! Oh, tonight's such a wonderful evening. I'm so glad I tried this "beauty experiment". I seriously think that this evening changed my life :)

I first heard about coffee's slimming effect on an episode of Ellen. Ellen's such a great fun and informative show! Many episodes after, I scratched the itch and tried it out for myself. I have been drinking coffee everyday at the office anyway so I figured I should make the most of my Sagada coffee grounds. Lo and behold, it's one of my best impulsive decisions ever made!


  • coffee grounds (used or not. better if fresh coffee grounds because the caffeine is stronger compared to scrubbing with used ones... but let's not be overly wasteful so yeah, changed my mind, I'm recommending used)
  • moisturizing soap/body wash (I used Human Heart Nature's Egg White and Mandarin Moisturizing Shampoo and Body Wash)
  • hair mask (my recommendations are here)
  • firming body lotion (I recommend what I used, of course: Nivea Q-10 firming lotion)
This is how you do it (my coffee scrubbing session suggestion):
After shampooing and rinsing your body of dirt and grime using a gentle soap (try Dove, Nivea Honey or Johnsons Body Milk wash), leave an intensive hair mask on your crown. I'm a multi-tasker and I think it is but a great idea to replenish the hair of it's health as the body is pampered. 
Scoop a spoonful of your coffee grounds and start scrubbing on your thighs--a usual and most common problem area especially for ladies. Scrub in circular motion, making sure that you exfoliate and sexify your thighs, buns, glutes and legs evenly. After your legs, proceed with your upper body, starting of with the belly, focusing on your lower and side abdomen.  
Of course for each person, the problem area would vary however, since the scrubbing process is also a massaging moment, might as well follow a swedish (massage) approach to it. 
Don't forget to work on your arms as well. Though nothing will beat anaerobic workout (weight lifting and/or strength exercises) in firming up those arms, pampering your tired hardworking arms with your homemade coffee scrub would improve blood circulation on the area thus give your strong arms a more radiant glow.
Rinse once you've had enough (of the scrubbing and/or the aroma). Rinse with just water, first. After you rid your body of coffee grounds, use a moisturizing soap to cleanse your body of any coffee stains. I would like to emphasize the word moisturizing because the skin was exfoliated. It is a must to replenish the moisture the skin lost during exfoliation to ensure that the baby soft skin you end up having is healthy and taken cared of.
This is optional but I also used a milk salt on my underarms and inner thighs. Basically tonight, I sleep as a cappuccino. :)

I felt like a little girl as I fooled around in the shower like that. Coffee grounds are not water soluble so imagine the mess--especially because I wasn't in a tub. However the aroma and the thought of lessening the chicken skin on my skin was far too enticing. It was like I was in a giggly trance. I scrubi-dub-dubbed like I never did before. Oh golly wow, when I rinsed the coffee off, I realized the (vain) meaning of heaven on earth.

Since a coffee scrub has slimming effects, I used my favorite (almost permanent) firming lotion generously tonight.

No lies! Noticeably firmer skin in two weeks. :)
Without forgetting facial care, let me share with you the products that make my beauty regimen before sleeping quite a long one. On an average, it takes me 45 mins to 1 hour to get ready to sleep--or at least go to bed and blog!

I love eyeliners and heavy waterproof mascaras so I prefer using a cleanser that specifically targets my cleansing needs.
I have been using Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam for quite a while now. I like it better than their basic facial wash because it does a more thorough cleanse.
I use Moringa-O Toner Spritz after washing my face to even out my facial complexion, to gently moisturize my face, to tighten my pores, to rid of soap residue and stubborn make-up--yes ladies, you can never be sure! Lots of waterproof and quality make-ups right now really has a strong staying capacity so be sure you sleep with a clean face. I don't use a toner on evenings when I use a mud pack on my face instead.
Because my face is thoroughly cleansed, I can now freely apply a night cream to take care of my skin as I sleep--again, multi-tasking! haha I use Ponds Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment because I use a Ponds facial wash. No worries though because the Ponds Flawless White line is quite effective (I'm also using the Day Cream, if you're wondering). After a month of religiously using the Ponds Flawless White Day and Night Treatments, I do wake up to more beautiful mornings.
Finally, I use Human Heart Nature's Choco-Vanilla Lip Balm so my lips are also moisturized while I sleep. Yum!
Ok! I guess that's all I have for now. I hope you learned a lot from this blog. Don't forget to join my Coffee Table Book giveaway! 

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All photos aren't mine, okay? haha! I just grab from Google! 


  1. Amusing post K! I've tries using used coffee grounds before when I feel my skill getting rough and it really smoothened my skin. I only learned of its slimming effects now! Thanks to you!

  2. Wow we almost do the same I just use different products. Have you tried Asian Secrets scrub?


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