Book to Basics #9 This is Your Brain on Music: the science of a human obsession by Daniel J. Levitin

First, let me reveal that of all Rock Bands I love AC|DC the most. Whenever I have to reformat my computer/iPod/any gadget used for music I re-Rip my tito's AC|DC albums. I'm thankful he collects all original Rock albums, that I can always refer to for REAL ROCK MUSIC.

Anyway, when I saw Daniel Levitin's This is Your Brain: the science of a human obsession there was a strong shot of impulse that went straight to the decisive corners of my brain. I just had to know... I had to understand this obsession. Fortunately, oh it made me so happy, AC|DC was mentioned in the book. This particular song even:

If you too, are a music lover, you should read the book to gain a better understanding of your so-called obsession. The book is like a groupie's forbidden apple. The knowledge won't hurt but it opens up a whole new way of looking at things.

Read up if you want to know why your favorite song is your favorite.
I recommend this book to the curious and of course to the scientific gleeks who want to gain a deeper understanding behind their passion. Know the true meaning of "groove". Separate the musician from the music--the music from the musician. There's more to music... it's like a completely unchartered forest. It's wild, refreshing and filled with natural wonders.

After reading the book, you'd understand why THIS SONG is my favorite AC|DC song. (listening to it now, I feel so... read the book to find out)

I say cheers to foot-tapping music!

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