Sometimes I'm fascinated by the littlest things... it's been b-z months for me and for this weblog. I'm not complaining, I'm very thankful actually, but I'm taking this moment to just you know, take it all in.

From my favorite boy, who demands an iPod from me >_< He's using the notebook I gave him from way back. <3 <3 

I got to talk to my tita a while ago, so happy. It's three days since my birthday yet it's still my birthday. In fact, yesterday I got another surprise gift from my mom (thank you Ma!). I already set aside half of it--off to the bank you go--the other half, budget for The Bike. I'm not sure how much I should allot for my The Bike budget but I don't want to be too extravagant because I believe I shouldn't spoil myself with such things.

"I wish I'm your favorite skirt." Check out Post-Script for the make-up details.

A year ago, I remember I used to always write on my notebook... "I wish I'm your favorite skirt." I feel like sometimes I wish for particular people to like me, etc. Sometimes, I make it all up. It's like I eat a swirl of real and expectations for dessert. I enjoy it. Some people think I'm weird, and crazy! I don't really mind. I have these moods, they're absolutely undefineable, and sometimes I still do get lost in them, but they make me, ME! I am pretty comfortable with myself, despite my crazy little antics, my crazy little thoughts, and my many other crazy little things...

So I really like it when I feel calm. Like right now, I feel calm. It's nice. Just me, my many selves, and real good music.

I found this cutesy YouTube Channel, visit it here. It's adorable. The name itself is adorable! MusicANDmuffins! Cute! They have like really cute Karaoke-ish YouTube Videos! I feel like giggling! I fee like giggling and throwing popcorns at someone. I feel mischievous! I feel like leaning my head on someone's shoulder, smiling.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever ride along my current. Either s/he would get thrown off OR I would eventually push him/her away. That's me. That's who I am. I push and pull and hug and kick people out...

and with that, I get these moments when I feel calm: thinking that I did the right things; thinking that things will turn out all right.
I feel so nice. I hope everyone's feeling nice too.

Check out 1:52... then the great thing 1:57 will show, below.


I'm wearing Mineral Make-up from Beauty and Minerals on the photo above. You can check them out here. Lipstick is Nyx in Harmonica. You can get your Nyx Fix here. If you'd buy from those sites, don't forget to let them know you found them through this site!