Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Products

I love massages. I love how it gives me a good night sleep, radiant soft skin and happy aura the next day. There are so many good massage oils available now but for the sake of sharing, I'll share with you what I woke up to this morning today... the scent of relaxing eucalyptus. (Read here for more info about coffee scrubs--a great way to prepare your body for that well-deserved massage.)

Earth Therapeutics mind|body Therapy: Anti-Stress product line can really rid you of your worries. The products are almost completely all natural and organic too so they're not just good for you but also for the environment. Go green!

We have been looking for a retail store of Earth Therapeutics here in the Philippines for the longest time and we're happy that they are indeed available here. Visit your favorite Beauty Bar store now!

Bring anywhere stress-solution. Just massage unto your temples and listen to relaxing music.

Perfect for massages at home. Phone-in your staple masseuse and have him/her use this on you instead.
If you have no time for massages, or no one available to give you a massage, try Earth Therapeutics' Anti-Stress Body Wash instead. Cleanse your body and aura at the same time. 

Don't hesitate to send me your questions. The nice product shots are obviously from Earth Therapeutics website, see the watermark. :)