Popcakes: it's love at first bite Birthday treat!


Now, to extend the fun. I promised everyone on my fan page (pls add me up!) that I would launch something SWEET last night before my birthday ends BUT unfortunately, Blogger won't let me upload pics last night so here's my delayed SWEET CONTEST.

I'm having a CAKE PARTY! Oh, everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Cake Parties. I remember, I had a birthday once, I had three cakes! So imagine my amusement with TV Birthday Celebrations where they reveal the MANY Cakes given to the celebrities :)

Anyway, a very lucky winner will get to win a treat from Popcakes--a design of your choice! It's very easy to join. All you have to do is

1. post on Popcakes wall a sweet photo (anything from sweet family pictures and mementos) then
2. share on your wall any of the photo albums on the Popcakes page (I have my select few in this post). You can share as much as you like, as often as you want, for more chances of winning. :)
  • Don't forget to tag Popcakes and Kumiko Mae on your post so we'd know of your entry. Make sure it appears on either or both of the pages too cause sometimes there's a Facebook glitch. Note: you have to follow the pages so you can tag us. :)
3. You can also post a blog linking back to this contest and to Popcakes page using any of the photos below. Just make sure you post a link to your blog post on Popcakes page so it would be counted.

I hope many of you join. I'm sure the kids and young-at-heart would love Popcakes! They're so good! I can't have enough of them!

Check out some of their cutest designs! More on their Facebook page here :) For more info, contact Popcakes at 09164609449.

Choo-choo Train Brithday Cake

You can customize your Cake Packages to suit your party's theme.

Did you see Popcakes on ASAP last Sunday? They also have a cake for Christian Bautista, you should check out their page!

Popcorn Popcakes! 

Your little tykes are sure to have a ball with this Popcake treat!

Guardians! :) Owl popcakes make me think of The Legend of the Guardians :)

Did these Popcakes make you smile too?


Chicken! Chicken Little! 

Definitely my favorite Popcake design! It's so quirky! Ribbit ribbit.

Who agrees that these Pool Bears are so cool?

Elegant Wedding Popcakes are also available!

Mini-Birthday Popcakes, with teeny-tiny birthday candles to boot!

This Popcake design makes me think of Aslan. :p

Popcakes also do intricate cake designs. What a pretty cake right?

For the young-at-heart! 

Check out Popcakes' cake for Mr. M. Cool!

Who would not want a bite of this wonderfully floral Carrot cake?

Popcakes also do CUPCAKES!

Check out this Special-themed Birthday Cupcakes.

Trick or Treat anyone? :) Invite Popcakes to your halloween party!

Why not invite Popcakes to your Bridal Shower!

Christmas is also a Popcake Favorite! Trivia: the Snowflake is peppermint flavored! MY FAVORITE.

ROCKSTARS can be sweet too! Kiss!!!

This Sheep design is such a best-seller!

I know how to make this design!

Anyone can join. Pick-up of prize is within Ortigas or Makati area, depending on the agreement between announced winner and Popcakes team. Contest will run from October 21 to November 14 (my dad's birthday). Winner will be announced on November 16 (a special day for Popcakes).

Good luck to all! Have fun!


Thank you to our friends from Popcakes! Do support their page and invite them to your parties. They will surely make it even more special. :)


  1. I think I just salivated on my laptop :p I wanna join but I want to give others a chance to win your contests :) Looks like you had a great birthday yesterday. Ituloy ang celebration until the end of the month! :) Cheers!

  2. I joined in your SWEET CONTEST. Hope to win. Thanks

  3. hallo. shared a pic in your fb page and shared a link in mine. hope you like both. :)

  4. post a pic on your wall and shared your album on my page..


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