Book to Basics #10 Train Man by Hitori Nakano

Train Man is so irresistible, you'd find yourself wanting more come the last page.

I LOVE GEEKS. When I saw Train Man (cover page), I was already attracted. When I read the synopsis at the back, I just knew I found yet another book I wouldn't mind spending any other borrowed time on.

Have you ever been in love? I ask that because I want you to bring yourself to that place, that moment, when you have no idea whether you're feeling "love" or if you're ready for "love" and most importantly if s/he (your love interest) feels the same way. I'm sure many of you would agree that the most exciting part of a relationship is the part where it's all vague, it's just developing and you guys are just testing the waters, guessing and reading the signs--hoping the signs reveal favorable news. Train Man... is all that. :)

If the mere mention of love made your heart flutter and the little gears in your head clueless whether to start, continue or stop turning, then I suggest you go grab a copy, find a corner, and giggle your way through the pages. :)

Geek saves girl. Girl sends Geek a pair of Hermes teacups. The Geeks prepare for the fight for love.
Train Man is about a geek who saved this beautiful girl--and in a certain way, how the then damsel in distress, saves a geek from staying in his shell foreverrrr. It's such a cute read! The book requires a certain attention since it's not your typical novel. It actually looks like a whole online forum thread that is published as a book; but the adoring-slash-nerdy graphics and jokes are far too amusing--I don't think it's possible to fall asleep while reading Train Man!

Train Man is quite an informative read too! Perfect for all you torpes out there.
Best Advice from the book: 
The best time to say it is when you feel like you want to and can actually say it. (p 180)

Here are some quotations and funny lines I bookmarked with my blue post-strips:
  • I'm overwhelmed by my own lameness... (ain't Train Man adorable?)
  • You are the cutest of cute. (that's imaginary Train Man's flirty words. Ah, you have to read the thread novel to understand)
  • What I remember are her words. She said, "With you I feel protected on the train." The moment she said this, I felt my heart skip a beat. (maybe you find this cheesy or "typical" but I assure you, read the thread novel and you'd understand why I bookmarked this part)
More geeky humor for you to find out for yourselves. I do not wish to spoil such a FUN thread story.

I would definitely recommend Train Man to all you readers who can't get over young love. Train Man is a classic finding yourself story mixed with a very witty youthful AND geeky romantic comedy vibe.

Train Man (Php 560) is available at Fully Booked. For inquiries, visit their website here.


Had no idea it was turned into a movie. Please give this video a peak! Yes, you guessed it right. The snapshot I posted earlier is a snippet from the movie adaptation of Train Man.