I'm a Half-Japanese, Full Glitter Girl

Always start with a clean face. :)

I am using Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Black/Gray Palette. 
E.L.F. Black Liquid Eyeliner. 
Daily Falsies (Japanese Brand, I can't type it out haha)

After achieving the perfect Smokey Eye, line your eyes with liquid eyeliner, wing a little at the corner of your eye to add an extra flirty oomph.
Use false lashes! They look great with Smokey Eyes. I'm using a subtle falsies. It's for daily use. You can opt to use thicker, longer lashes if you want. They come in varying designs. Special events, parties or photo shoots are great reasons to exaggerate with the falsies. :)

View the finished look here.



  1. wow! this one is so nice! really brings out your eyes.. :) great for the holidays too. :)


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