Loving Sunshine's LOVE YOUR LIPS Campaign

Whether you want a full sexy pout...
or an innocent (yet can be mischievous) smile...
barely there pale lips...

or heart-stopping red pucker...
... the important thing to keep in mind is your lips' health!

Sometimes we take for granted beauty by simply focusing on looking good--forgetting the essentials such as being healthy too, so let's take a moment and focus on one of our face's assets: the lips.

I've been fascinated with lips ever since. I started out with Chapstick, of course got hooked with The Body Shop's Strawberry Lip Balm, frenzied over Maybelline Lip Smooth variands and "snacked" over candy-flavored glosses which made grand-slam appearances in many of my high-school photos. 

The photo above is basically my favorite HS photo. It's just a vanity shot pre-yearbook photo shoot. :)
After the menthol lip balms, I ventured into all-natural honey "flavored" or rather infused lip treatments which evolved to lip plumping glosses like DuWop's Lip Venom line (although my favorite is still Philosophy's Lip plumping gloss, I forgot the name but it's way better than Lip Venom which leaves a heavy film of gloss on the lips).

Through the years, I traded in different shades of nude browns, chocolate reds, spicy oranges, and hot or pale pinks. But no matter how many tubes of lippies I bring in and out of my kikay kit, really well-taken cared of lips still make the difference. No matter how much make-up you own, if your lips are unhealthy, then smiling would definitely hurt.

To avoid the hassle AND pain of having lip bruises, try my three-step lip regimen everyday before hitting the snooze button... and don't forget to read my Lip Care No-No's and my Five Practical Lip Care Tips. 

  1. Eat fruits
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Moisturize
How many beauty tip lists would include eating as a procedure of a regimen? Well, for me I want the road to Beauty-dom to be a fun walk to encourage big strides every now and then. To maintain your lips' good condition, eat fruits. Have a banana or an apple if you want an extra boost of energy to finish your day's work logs. Improving your daily fruit intake can actually affect your lips color. If you have dark lips, especially if you're a smoker, fruits can help regain your lips natural flush gradually.

Since you're already at it (brushing your teeth), don't forget to brush your lips too in order to exfoliate the sensitive skin region on your mouth. You can your toothbrush just make sure your bristles are soft enough to use for your lip's scrub. I personally use a damp face towel. :)

Using your toothbrush, exfoliate by brushing in soft circular strokes. After a while you will notice that your lips is smoother and is revealing a sexy pinched red hue. 

(For your information, exfoliating the lips especially if you intend to do it everyday, should be done gently--and I cannot emphasize this enough. The lips are very sensitive and you don't want to over do your exfoliation. To play safe, use a very soft bristled brush or to be safer, exfoliate your lips 3-4x a week.)

After you've exfoliated your lips, the basic rule of exfoliation follows. Moisturize. Avoid heavy lip products. Try to stick to light-wearing lip balms or lip treatments. You don't really want a voluptuous red pout while sleeping. Any lip balm would do. I use Human Heart Nature's Mandarin Lip Balm. It's sweet, tangy, all-natural and moisturizing: perfect for an all-nighter job.

Just do these three easy steps and you'd definitely wake-up to prettier smiles day after day.

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