Beautiful Kissable Lips by Bare Escentuals

You know a product's sooo good if you can't get it out of your smile since first try. That's what I'm positively going through right now since my lips were kissed by Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes in Merry (to know more of Bare Escentuals, visit Bare Beauty Online Store. Ms. Claudine Baron can definitely enlighten you with the wonders of converting to healthy make-up.

Me wearing Buxom Babes in Merry.
  • Results to very sexy pouting lips. Danger: inescapable smiles ahead. :)
  • long-lasting "minty-stinging" effect that comes as both relaxing and amusing! You can really feel the gloss taking effect upon first swipe.
  • It retails for only Php 550! Visit as they priced the buxom babes gloss most affordably online.
  • Because it's a lip plumping gloss, it has a rather sticky texture. If you prefer non-sticky plumpers, the most light-wearing plumping gloss I've tried is Philosophy's Big Mouth. (photo below)
Philosophy is available at all leading Beauty Bar branches.

The Bare Escentuals Winter Escapade set comes in four shades for you to choose from. See product shot below. The set was a newbie of Bare Escentuals last Christmas but it's so good, no doubt it should be a staple of your kikay kit! Don't forget, new shades for the Buxom Glosses are also available. Visit Bare Beauty Online for more info and even guidelines on how to choose the right shade for you.

Major Major Christmas Wishlist Item!!!

Beyond having the perfect lip make-up, healthy lips make a big difference in achieving the pretty kissable puckers you want. Please read on Loving Sunshine's LOVE YOUR LIPS CAMPAIGN to learn easy and practical ways of taking care of your lips. Also, by supporting the campaign, you can get the chance of taking home wonderfully selected lip goodies bags. :)

Of course other than healthy lips by good-for-you lip products, Bare Escentuals prides itself of its Award-Winning line of mineral make-up. Personally, I vouch for Mineral Foundations than pressed or even loose foundations because...
  • when applying make-up, especially on a regular basis, foundations can make or break the look since good skin health is essential in achieving a perfectly polished look (whether day or night wear). Mineral Make-Up distinguishes itself from ordinary make-up because it is make-up that actually does your skin good--rather than damage it with all the chemicals other cosmetics contain. 
    • One of the smartest decision you could make to improve your make-up routine is to at least shift to Mineral Foundations as foundations are applied first/closest to your face. What better way than to nourish your skin first before proceeding to all the face-brightening and prettifying shades and blends you have in mind right? :)
  • Mineral Foundations are very light and are "creamy" on the skin. Despite being in powder form, Mineral Foundations ado not leave your skin dry, nor does it leave your skin shiny. Mineral Foundations leaves a long-lasting smooth matte finish, perfect for no make-up "make-up" look.
  • Mineral Make-Up is very light and blends easily with the skin so even if you layer on the products, your make-up won't cake. It is the easiest way to achieve clear smooth skin in an instant! Just swirl, tap and buff buff buff.
One of my photos wearing Mineral Foundation and Mineral Veil. <3 If you're curious about those powders, watch the YouTube videos below. They're very informative especially for aspiring "converts". :)

Questions? Don't hesitate to leave a comment. :)

For more Mineral Make-Up choices, also visit Philippines Exclusive Distributor of Lauress Mineral Make-Up here.

Lauress Lip Shimmer in Kiss


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