What the Fuchsia

I've always hated spelling out fuchsia because I grew up worrying whether I spelled it right or not! Good thing, I decided to take matters my own and read about the color. Grateful to discover that the color fuchsia was discovered by a man called Dr. Fuchs. Because of that little back story, I now always feel confident to spell out fuchsia. It's FUCHsia, for Dr. Fuchs. :)

Anyway, let me share a bold and fierce fuchsia nail polish that I wore to the GK Enchanted Farm last Feb 2. I really liked it because although I used two coats of polish, this San San nail polish is actually good and opaque enough with just one layer. Like any of the San San polishes, this nail color has a lovely formulation and is very easy to apply. My only dislike about this product is in it not being shiny when it dries up. You really have to use a good top coat to make this polish look fresher! As you can see, even with top coat, it's not that shiny. Was just using a regular top coat. I think for this polish, I should whip out my Seche Vite.

Disclaimer: I know I keep on referring to this polish as a fuchsia shade... but the name of this polish is Red Gleam! hehe :)

Nonetheless, the color speaks for itself! What do you think?


  1. I love and Fuchsia and uhm... that's pronounced Dr. Fyooks right? because.... hehehe :D


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