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My mind is overwhelmed by so many random thoughts ranging from work-related commitments, blogging responsibilities, family issues and other relationship adventures. Sometimes, I just want to shut my brain down, put it on hyper-hibernate, and just sleep. Which, given my physical tiredness, I sometimes end up doing, indeed!

But today, I'd like to rest my heart on two words that fill my soul with so much hope, when put together. Free and happiness.
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Sometimes, life gets too challenging that we question our ability to rise above the occasion. I'm sure you've experienced first-hand a daunting twist of events that perhaps left you feeling weak down to your very core--worst case scenario, even hopeless at the end of the day. These bumps on the road are inevitable, but I think these challenges make life interesting, if not at least more worthwhile.

I remember how a dear friend of mine said, "the waiting is what makes things exciting." Consider me impatient, but I have to agree with her. There is value in waiting. I think, it's even honorable to have the fortitude to wait, for your turn at least.

Of course I'm not one to propagate mindless waiting. I'm not encouraging a lazy lifestyle where you just wait for the apple to fall from the tree. The type of waiting I refer to, respect even, is the type that gives life (and people) space to grow on its own, through its own natural course, and hopefully, eventually respond in accordance to your desires. The type of waiting that has left me awestruck the past few days is that honorable act of allowing life to happen, and living in the center of it all as things unfold. Of course, it's a risky platform because it is in our nature to be expectant; thus, run the risk of wallowing in disappointment if things don't go our way. But that's why I find waiting noble. When we let ourselves be vulnerable over things that we can't control, with high hopes that things would unfold for our exuberant souls to reside in, we become (free and happy).

To be free and happy, to feel happiness that comes for free, and to have freedom to feel happiness are three things that lighten my clouded chest day by day. Yes, things aren't as perfect as I'd hoped them to be, but every day remains to be a blessing, and I sit here walking with time, adapting to the changes, growing with the waves and conquering the differences with strength and valor... because I have let myself go. I have allowed myself to just be.

So now, as I live life, I patiently love too.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. Yes?