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Loving beauty means a lot of things for me. For beginners, it opens up my world to more people, who like me, loves to appreciate the good things in life--and to see the beauty in many things. A moon back, I had a lovely dinner date at Wildflour with my favorite beauty bloggers and friends from Luxasia. It's to sit down and enjoy Majolica Majorca's big reveal for their 10th year anniversary, which is this 2013!
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With healthy food and great wine in hand, Cathy of Majolica Majorca shared with us that this year, the brand would be launching four limited edition collections, made of course for the fantastical Majo-Majo lovers in mind.

Everybody was very excited because MJ usually launches three collections per year, but since it's their 10th year running, we MJ fans are treated to four sets of Majolica Majorca's trademark whimsical kisses. For their first collection, we have, Secret Blink. I believe they're soon to be available in Majolica Majorca counters nationwide (if not yet now, surely by March), but to those who can't wait... here's what you should watch out for. No blinking!

Majolica Majorca lovers, check out this limited edition case for your staple powder! Now you can case your skin's secret to perfection in an equally elegant golden rose case.

If like me, you're a lash addict, then you should ensure that your lush lashes are well-taken cared of! Especially if you're wearing heavy coats of mascara, a primer like Lash Jelly Drop can help your lashes keep up with your beauty ventures. Consider it as a primer, with a hint of nourishment. 

Surely, after your jelly drop, it's time to amplify your lashes! With 4mm lengthening fibers, this limited edition release of Lash Expander Edge Meister is the perfect mascara for everyday fluttering butterfly kisses.What to love about this mascara, is its unique comb wand, that helps you comb through your lashes as you deposit the product and wing up your lush eyes.

Speaking of eyes, Secret Blink also introduces The Little Humming Book I, the first of four limited edition palettes to be released this 10th year of magical beauty by Majolica Majorca. I love the packaging for this palette because I'm a huge book lover--and this rendition of a book definitely fulfills all my wishes! The colors are very sweet and at the same time playful. Each palette has two shadows, an eye color cream and a gloss. Those who can play the piano has something very special to experience through this palette!

Few days after our intimate dinner, was Majolica Majorca's Big Mascara Face-Off event. I went there to support my favorite people and to also score a Lash King myself! I also got their brow colorist because, my brows badly need the right hint of color due to my light hair hue. Enjoyed shopping with my girls Laureen Uy (I decided to place a vote on teamlaureen) and Cathy (who is sexy as always).

  Have you experience the Majolica Majorca's Lash King? It's epic! What are your thoughts?

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  1. I am very impressed by Lash King! It fulfills my desire for doll-like eyes! :) I reviewed it too here...

  2. ughh im so jealous of you and your access to insanely cute asian cosmetics!! <3


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