BEAUTY SWAP with The Sneakerette

Happy weekend to you all! Today, I shall be sharing with you snapshots from the swap box I received from the Sneakerette, (albeit delayed) still awesome! There were some casualties, but I felt truly touched by the trinkets she got for me! It's very nice, Eileen has been one of my dearest blogger friends, and we talk so much about beauty, nails and even lovelife, that I feel like I know her enough to feel comfortable hanging out with her, when (hopefully not if) I meet her personally someday! Amazing, how the internet can bring us closer together. :) Eileen is from the US and I, from the Philippines.

So anyway, without further delay, pun intended, here are the photos from the box she sent. I had to photograph the products quite hurriedly cause they arrived the night before I was set to drive off to the farm! I wanted to publish this right away because I also feel like she'd be happy to know if the products arrived well and good. :) Briefly, I'd be sharing some side comments on what I think of the products she gave, what I would appreciate though is if you could share with me which you'd like for me to prioritize reviewing/featuring. I'm not going to promise anything, but I will definitely note your request!

I want to begin with these Ecotools brushes that Eileen got me. SHE KNOWS I love brushes, beauty tools in general, and she also knows how much I push for natural and eco-friendly stuff, so yes, I once again got teary-eyed over the gesture! She even mentioned it in her cute little card, and I was just very happy! Thank you so much Eileen! My god, the bronzer brush is too cute! It's like a chubby lollipop!

Most of our swaps are dedicated to trading drugstore finds, and it is interesting how even worldwide brands like Maybelline release different ranges per region. Sadly, we don't have (and will not have, I think) the bouncy blush range in the Philippines... but I'm happy from friends like E who delivers, literally! She got me prime colors that I'm excited to use since the colors are friendly enough to not clash with my blonde hair!

Like I said, E knows about my likes and dislikes about makeup (and beyond) that's why our swaps are always a success, I believe. Aside from brushes, E knows how much I love GREEN and PINK, and GLITTER! So wee oh wee when I saw these Milani eyeshadows! The colors are exactly the colors I'd eye on, if they are available locally. So happy, especially with that psychedelic one! I don't even have the heart to ruin its design!

She also got me Color Tattos and L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows for the same reason that those are ranges that are not carried over to the Philippines (sadness). She got me really nice colors, very wearable and fun! I thought they were great individually... but little did I know, when I put these shadows together for one group shot, that they are very ocean-like. I LOVE THE OCEAN so whether it was just a coincidence or something E planned, I'm quite oceanfloored. Thank you so much! I love the matte palette you got! It's perfect! It has the whites, greens and blues that carries semblance with a beautiful sea view--and the infallible shadows remind me of pristine sand. AND OMG, that beautiful blonde shadow, that's named "Eternal Sunshine". Life can't be any better!

More about eyes, and yes, I'm a sucker for Maybelline products haha But knowing how great Maybelline mascaras are--E granted me the pleasure of trying these well-received mascaras that were launched in the US--exclusively even, I think. I'm SUPER excited to try the MegaPlush mascara because it was well-reviewed as an improved The Falsies mascara, and I already love The Falsies! :) I'm also VERY happy that E got me the Lots of Lashes to Love mascara, the one with a pink wand... it was a limited edition release that I personally inquired with Maybelline Philippines, and they confirmed will not be brought over the Phils, le sigh.

Of course, a beauty swap will not be complete without lipsticks. I know, I opened them all! haha But that's because I want you all to see the shades she got. I'm very excited to try the violet lipstick that she got for me because I've never had a violet lipstick before, and because she said it's a dupe for her favorite Mac Violetta. Other than the lipsticks, am quite happy to receive new shades of Essence glosses, because I did enjoy using the Essence gloss she gave me from our first swap!

She also got me some miniature products and a Mineral wear concealer, which I know was also well-received all over the web.

And a swap with The Sneakerette will not be complete without nail polishes! Her blog is rich with great nail features and nail art, so please do visit!

Now for the few casualties. When sending fragile items from across the world, depending on how you pack or how your pack was treated in transit, some casualties may be expected. Sadly, among the casualties was this Wet n Wild palette that I requested from her, since I couldn't find a stock locally. Also, was quite sad that the Rimmel powder which I craved for got broken! I didn't know she got me that, but oh well. Good thing, the casualties were mostly powders--so although a bit messy, I can still remedy them by repressing, or maybe even just by using the proper brush tools! Aside from broken powders, I also got two melted lipsticks--which was odd because the rest of the lipsticks didn't melt. My hypothesis is, depending on the color formulation, some lipsticks can be softer than the other. Of course, that's just a hunch. I don't mind though because I can just clean the cap up!

So that's about it! Again, thank you so much Eileen, you really know how to make me smile! I'm sorry I wasn't able to photograph the soap for this set--I got too excited--but I'll definitely photograph it some other time, because it's too darn pretty to not remember through a picture!!

Beloved readers, please let me know which you'd like for me to review/feature first! Would also love to hear about your comments on the products listed above, should you have used them already!

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  1. Great collection! I love Maybelline mascara. We don't have the great lash line here, so I use the Magnum mascara in the yellow tube. My favorite :)

    1. MY fave Maybelline mascara would have to be cat's eye! :D

  2. L'oreal eyeshadows, milani eyeshadows, wet and wild products, all looks amazing ! Lucky girl :)


  3. I noticed that a lot of Wet n Wild eyeshadows are prone to breaking, even in the store displays - though it's not a big problem since it's easy to fix ^^ The color tattoos photo really does remind me of an ocean :)

    1. The color tattoos are perfect for the ocean indeed!

  4. OMG, I'm so sad the milani powder broke!!!! It's pricey for drugstore makeup, but I got it for you cause I thought you'd enjoy the aesthetics of the pretty rose imprints. *saddd*

    I'm glad you like everything though, looking forward to your thoughts on all of them!

    1. I'm using the Milani powder (I repressed it) and whoa it's giving my meteorites a run for its money!


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  6. Is that WnW trio called I Got Good Jeans? I believe it's available on Zalora!

    1. I saw I Got Good Jeans online only and tried to find it at stores but couldn't. But that was way when it was new! :) I'm happy Zalora now has it!


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