Sexy Seaweed

I love the ocean, for the magic that it keeps. I remember seeing this Spanish art film Y' Tu Mama Tambien (and your mother too) where one of the lead characters described life as the ocean. That you have to drown in it... something like that.

So yes, I was dancing with a happy-happy-joy-joy spirit when Pevonia Philippines sent me The Ocean Box which I posted about here. But as promised, I'd be sharing some quick thoughts about the Pevonia Exfoliating Seaweed soap that I was gifted to try. :) Without further delay, read after the jump!

One of the key benefits of seaweed in skincare involves the reduction of appearance of cellulites. Seaweed is prime when it comes to toning the skin and tightening the skin so your body would look more svelte in due time. Because in a month's time, it'd be bikini season once more, there's no better timing to start trying out seaweed skincare than now. I'm only starting to use the soap and although I can't say much about cellulite appearance reduction, I can say that my skin does feel firmer after a three weeks of usage. And yes, I can't believe the soap can last that long! Normally, beauty soaps just melt into oblivion! :D

The soap comes sealed perfect and clean upon opening. For a luxury skincare brand such as Pevonia, surely you can't expect no less than perfection. I really love how the soap is round because I feel like it helps make a circular lather more convenient and even enjoyable to do when in the shower.

Ideally, to use the soap, you should focus and lather the soap in circular motion on areas that are prone to cellulite such as the legs, buttocks and even arms, for some. For those with sensitive skin concerns, I have taken a photo of their ingredients list so you may check out what ingredients are in the soap.

All in all, my experience of this soap is nothing short than pleasurable. I like that it has little beads that allows mild daily exfoliation, even twice a day exfoliation if you use the soap day in and out. I just dislike how some exfoliating bars are so abrasive, I end up with harsh red marks when I scrub away. With Pevonia's exfoliating soap, I get rid of dead skin gently, without worries of rashes or other skin irritation! I just love to exfoliate, scrubbing is my favorite shower chore! 

Also, since I used this soap, my excessive moisturizing habit has been more luxurious. Any oil or cream I use felt more easily absorbed by my skin thus I leave the house with soft supple skin all the time! (I usually use body oil fresh from the shower, then also use body cream when the oil is dry... I love to moisturize!)

The soap also has such a gentle scent, no it doesn't smell fishy like you would expect of a seaweed so don't worry about stepping out of the shower smelling like cat food! purrr

So if you're beach-bound in a few months time, and you want your skin to be ravishing under the sun, tone up and get bikini-ready with a soap that exfoliates gently to reveal your younger smoother skin, and also reduces appearance of cellulite on the skin, for a sexier vibe. Cheers to sexiness! :)

What's your favorite soap?

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  1. Whew, I love it! Seaweed is so good for the skin, I was living in Japan for a few months and my skin never looked better because I ate tons of seaweed!


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