TURNBACKTUESDAY#20 Romantic Notions

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Last week was Valentine's week, and I know a lot of you were heady over the occasion. As for me, I tried my best to be chill and calm despite the temptation to go all out--and just love, love, love! However, my friends from Fully Booked, with their ever-so-reliable expertise in timeliness, just uploaded a video for their Live the Story campaign, in which, I'm a part of. Of course, in this video, romance had to take center stage. Hope you enjoy the video! To know more about the campaign, please visit the url linked at the end of our little video interview. :)

To those wondering, the shoot was done last December 2012 so yes, long dark and curly hair was immortalized in this video. Right after the shoot, I had my surprising hair-makeover-bonanza. :)

So anyway, my love for books brought me to this. Something I never really imagined. I know some of you would think, that's not a huge deal, you shared it with other people--but that's the thing. To me, it's more of a HUGE DEAL because this is about my love for books (which pretty much started when I was 3 years old, with my copy of The Little Mermaid, the original version, not Disney's)--a love affair that spanned through the years, older than my love for beauty! AND to share it with other people, is BIG for me. :) Thank you Fully Booked, for the trust, the friendship, and all the wonderful memories. (I am teary-eyed now)

Bagong gising at Fully Booked Katipunan! Did a book stop because I bought Christening gift!

After my dinner date with my beloved beauty bloggers, I went to Fully Booked Fort branch. It's a HUGE DEAL literally!

One confession I have to make is... book shopping is part of my budget. I pretty much buy a book every pay day! My Fully Booked discount card made it guilt-free!

What's the most romantic book you've read?

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  1. book shopping is fun and awesome!!! too bad I suddenly stopped reading...must start again (insert light bulb here):)

  2. All the Nick Sparks books of course. Good thing books are part of my benefits in my company.hehe. :)



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