I am Ash Blonde

Remember how I said I'd do a third bleach in my How to Be Blonde in 7 days post? Well, I did! And it was horrible! My oxidizing lotion was "expired" already, I had no idea that once you open your oxidizing lotion (I own a HUGE bottle), it will be good for at most 3-4 months only! Mine was older!

So I had a rash all over, during the process. It stung like crazy and it was such a painful experience! To make it worse, the bleach didn't work at all--because the oxidizing lotion was foul! Anyway, the day after, I decided to use a Blonde color cream instead of re-bleaching because I feel like my scalp needed a break from the bleach. I don't recommend bleaching twice in a row!

So I went to HBC and got me an Ash Blonde Crystal Color (for my hair length and thickness, I needed two tubes) and a fresh new bottle of Oxidizing Lotion 12%! Here are some photos out of that experience. Girls, it was a huge success! I swear, my roots at that time was GROSS. It was half an inch of black hair against my bleach-blonde haha so yes, I was so happy I found tubes of this elusive Ash Blonde crystal color.
I love the Hair Color Crystal range because the pigments are more evenly distributed/mixed compared to their color creams! I also feel like the formulation is more gentle!
Mix in Oxidizing lotion! Until you get the consistency below. Mix mix mix!

I would recommend Ash blond to those who are daring to go light but are afraid to bleach. As for results, let me squeal with excitement that it did give me gray hair!!! Ash kung ash! My baby hair was gray--but it faded eventually since I went on another professional salon treatment (nourishing only, but I think the chemicals reacted to my recently colored hair, so the gray faded and became... almost platinum white!)
Strips of candy-bleach and gray-thoughts. :)

I swear, I love Ash Blonde! Dear HBC, please don't run out of this hair color... I probably should have a stash so I can maintain this hair color... what do you think? I was in dire need to cover my roots because I guested on Tita K's Live Love Lolz podcast! Watch it here!
My hair in the photo above is crazy yellow.

More photos, feast your eyes! FYI, my super black roots lightened to the point of Chai Tea Latte brown. The bleached hair, darkened a little, to a more dull blonde--compared to my original rusty bleach blonde. :)

I'm sharing Instagrammed photos so you can see the hair in various lighting, filters and even nofilter!

No filter batch:

Now for the "filtered" and diff lighting photos!

What do you guys think of my blonde hair?

For more information on how to bleach your hair, visit How to Be Blonde in 7 days.


  1. COol! I never heard of an oxidizing lotion before! You look wonderful :D

  2. lovely! it looks good on you =)
    Drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  3. Kumi you look like a forenjer na hehehe :)) love it!

  4. It is such a nice color :D


  5. Grrr. *ENVY* If only work permits. :(

  6. Wow! I so want to do this in fantasy world! In real life people would think I'm totally nuts and would not take me seriously at all! You are very brave for doing this, and it doesn't look bad, really. It gives you a totally different look. I do have to say your hair looks a bit dry. But hey, three bleaching sessions is a lot to ask from your hair. Plus I think you have to have an somewhat outgoing personality to carry off blonde hair as an Asian person. Not the same for Caucasians. This could totally set off another discussion about societal views and do you really care about what other people think, and are other people's opinion about you...are they important? I say yes, sad but true, yes.

    1. Well, I also thought I can only do this in fantasy world, but whatever, must strike while the iron is hot! Yes, my hair is quite dry, and I have been using intensive conditioners more often than usual, but I expected this. :)

      I agree, it gave me a completely diff look. I'm looking at darkening a bit soon, though. I don't think I want bleach blonde hair for our summer season (April-May)

  7. I think the color suits you. I think more Filipinos should experiment with hair color. It's fun and keeps your look updated. Did you say the product doesn't bleach your hair? Do you have to use a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair then?

    Hope you can visit my blog too

    1. The product didn't bleach my hair because the oxidizing lotion I used was already expired. :D So I had to re-color w ash blonde. originally, I just bleach.

    2. I also would recommend intensive reparative hair care products if you treat your hair with so much color/bleach as often as I do.

  8. Nice hair color! :D I would love to try that color too!

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: Open worldwide!

  9. Can we use 6% oxidizing for this one?


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