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I've never had a decent V-date so I really don't have any insights on that! As much as I would like to go lovey-dovey on Valentine's day, I fear the traffic and the overwhelming number of couples being all touchy and sweet in one room--so I always pass. It's like a mistress syndrome! I'd rather celebrate before or after!

So today, in celebration of love, let me share with you a product that I have grown to love the past few weeks, the Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Radiance Body Cream*. I know that's quite a lot of words to digest, so let me consult my brains to breakdown my reasons why this product is worth all the talk it can get. To read more, jump!
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Lately, since lightening my hair color (extremely, some would say, because it's not as simple as lightening, I actually bleached my hair), I've been frustrated with my skin tone. I wanted lighter skin. I felt, odd, having bleach blonde hair but sport honey colored skin. I started using whitening soaps, but because my skin has grown a certain sensitivity over harsh chemical soaps, I stopped. Good thing the concept of skin brightening came to surface. Brighter skin doesn't really mean lighter skin per se, but it does reveal a younger more youthful surface which helps achieve that aesthetic of lightness on the skin tone. Dull skin is of course darker than younger skin so with proper exfoliation, and a brightening skin care product such as the Celeteque Brightening Radiance Body Cream, you're all set.

In fact, my desire to have lighter skin indeed resulted in me practicing a more religious scrubbing regimen. It is great to note, that this body cream is superb in nourishing my exfoliated skin--all the more because I now scrub regularly. The body cream helps my skin recover from the exfoliation, while also ensuring soft and suppleness all over my body. I particularly love using this body cream on my thighs because I feel really nice walking around short shorts or skirts when I know that my legs are properly hydrated.

The consistency of this product, to me, is a hybrid of lotion and body butter. The word cream fits perfectly to categorize this new body care release from my trusted Celeteque range. As you can see below, when you squeeze the product out of the bottle, it is thick and can stand alone, but when you spread it out, it is like a light whipping cream that can be easily distributed unto the skin, while also committing efficient absorption. More than anything, I am over the moon with this product because despite its rich formulation, it is zero percent annoying! It isn't sticky, it doesn't run (of course, since it's thick), it doesn't melt (then you know it is truly absorbed by the skin) and it doesn't stain clothes (with residues, again, it is absorbed really well).

The radiance part, I have to say, may also be a psychological advantage for me since every time I use this product, I do feel radiant. I love how when the skin absorbs this cream, my skin exudes a dewiness that is quite youthful and alluring to wear. Of course, it doesn't hurt at all that having been part of the Dermoscience range, this product is tested by dermatologists, thus proven safe for usage--and I have to attest, proven safe even for those with sensitivities regarding skin anything.

Lastly, the bonus advantage that I am quite pleased about this product is its SPF15 component! I hate sunblock, I have to admit, and no matter how many times I say, I will start using sunscreen, I always fail keep my word. For my face, the closest to sun protection I get are my moisturizers with SPF protection too. Darling, I'm not the type who would have a dedicated sunblock as part of my regimen--I know, I have to develop the habit whether or not I stay in or outdoors--but it's very challenging especially since our humid tropical climate isn't sunscreen friendly. Good thing, this body cream has sun protection in it because trust me, if I don't bother wear sun protection on my face, all the more that I won't bother wear sunscreen on my body!

I have yet found a dedicated sun protective skin care product that would sweep me off my feet, but amen, this body cream just pushed me a few steps closer that falling in love edge.

How about you? What's your beloved body care product?

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  1. This cream sounds very radiant! ^_^ Just like looking at it!

  2. Celeteque products never fail! I've used their acne solutions spot gel and it was great. glad to know their brightening line also works as good! :)


  3. nice post.

    follow me please :)


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