Majolica Majorca 2013: Secret Blink

Remember the SUPER CUTE Limited Edition Collector's Item Majolica Majorca products I posted about here? Well, here they are once more! Before I played around with my new makeup, I of course immortalized their kawaiiness through photos! Be ready to visit Majolica Majorca as soon as you're done reading this post! Secret Blink, will fulfill all your wishes!

A whispery song can be heard.
Listen to your heart's desire.
Once you step into a forbidden place, you are sure not to go back again... and that's fine.
A secret that nobody knows about except me.
It's bold and it knows no bounds.
An unforgettable immersion.

A Majolica Majorca collection doesn't feel complete without treats for the lashes! For Secret Blink, we have two! The Lash Jelly Drop* (P495) and the Lash Expander Edge Meister* (P795)

Lash Jelly Drop is your treatment mascara, if I may simply put. It strengthens and lengthens short lashes, with its hair repair treatment, infused with Arginin, and its hair moisturizing ingredients, formulated with rose extract and glycerin. It even provides moisture along the lash hair line--so if you love wearing heavy lashes, this is a good alternative for your more natural days. The most unique aspect of Lash Jelly Drop is its dew drop applicator that allows a more convenient application of product even along the lash hairline.

Lash Expander Edge Meister is a liquid lengthening mascara that strengthens and lengthens even the shortest of lashes. It has 4mm fibers that equips each strand with length and flair. Its liquid formulation base leaves a smooth distribution of product so each strand is not weighed down, and is naturally lush. 

AND the very best among the collection, the limited edition palettes. Because Majolica Majorca will release four collections this year, this is palette number 1 of those four! So yes, it's time to start collecting! You would want to end 2013 with four beautiful colorful finds from our favorite hummingbird. The Little Hummingbook I* (P995) is the first of four collector's item Majolica Majorca palettes for 2013. It is fun, complete, and is exquisitely pretty in one book of beauty.

The Little Hummingbook I has two eye shadows: flower dust (light pink) and green shower (fresh mint green), an eye cream base (moonless night) and a lip gloss (pink tulip). The shadows are luminescent, and when applied over the moonless night base, is very enchanting. The lip gloss on the other hand is enriched with honey, royal jelly and beeswax, so you know it's ultra-moisturizing--fitting for our royal lips.

What do you think of Secret Blink?

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  1. The colors are perfect for summer! :)

  2. Just too pretty... I'm likely to buy it just to look at it and never use it. haha :D

  3. Nice items, the hummingbook is just so cute, xoxo.


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