TURNBACKTUESDAY#21 How do you celebrate L-O-V-E?

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Today's post is dedicated to a skincare brand that even mi abuela grew up with. I'm talking about the blue and royal, Nivea.

Last Christmas, they sent me a box brimming with joy and love, for wellness and beautiful skin. I know it may come off as late to post about this act of gesture only now, but I didn't think it would be possible to find an angle for this feature, aside from it being a gift of love.

Fortunately, the idea struck me while I was exhausting a not-so-welcome but pretty-much-okay feeling of being alone on Valentine's day. With the nauseating traffic outside, I know bits of me is happy that I get to stay at home and lounge around; but as I scroll down my feed, and people boast of the cheesiness in the spirit of Valentine's, I ended up placing myself face-to-face with the question...

How do you celebrate love?

I celebrate love through words inspired by the constant search for deeper expression of honesty and passion. I celebrate love through sharing my thoughts and my heart through stories of random acts of kindness--sudden and raw. I celebrate love through compassionate and sincere regard to life's weirdly yet grandly orchestrated mystic. I celebrate love through giving.

February is said to be the love month. As much as I agree with cupid, I would like to dare everybody to make the entire year a celebration of love. Love your skin. Love yourself. Love the life you're living.

And of course, do not forget, always share the happiness! :)

Thank you very much again Nivea Philippines for always setting an example of goodness and reliability. Your passion to promote wellness through skincare is inspiring.

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Speaking of love, thank you Nuffnang and Fresh Fragrance Bar for the lovely sur-prize! :)