GK Enchanted Farm: a hopeful piece of heaven

Nothing beats stress than a change of setting... so yes, I was very happy to have had the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that is of the GK Enchanted Farm, Angat Bulacan. 

To those who are unfamiliar, the GK Enchanted Farm is the "disneyland" of what Gawad Kalinga (GK) espouses to promote about the Philippines--our culture, our passion to help our fellowmen, and our good hearts. The combination of lush greens, innovation and social enterprises that promotes the best of the Philippines sure makes it easier to fall in love with the place; however, on its own, with the sky lit with radiance, it's no rocket science that the GK Enchanted Farm is quite a destination to be proud of.

So briefly, let me share with you a sneak of the place during my visit last Feb 2 when the Human Heart Nature Humanity Fair: Hearts of Passion 2013 was held at the farm! To read more, jump ahead!
A view from the second floor of the Bamboo Palace, the farm. Ahh... how peaceful to see zero building, zero pollution and zero traffic! Just the sky and earth.

My visit at the Enchanted farm was a day of love.love.love. Check out my very chummy photo below! haha Rarely do you get to play with your shadow so play with my shadow I did! We tried to form a heart!

So anyway, the GK Enchanted Farm has aside from their vast farm facet, has small plots for crops and other greens. The last time I was here, I think it was in 2012 (?), we were told that the families each have their own small plot to which they plant different crops--which in return, they also sell at the market or trade with each other upon harvest. Now, that's such a lovely community set-up! Sustainable and concerned for each other's welfare! How I wish the world is that kind in general!

Aside from the farm, I also enjoyed shopping at the Social Enterprises that were showcased at the Bamboo Palace. Come on in! I took some photos of my favorite stalls from the showcase!

First and foremost is Habi Footwear. Their shoes are made with woven cloth (rag-like style) and the soles of their shoes are made with recycled truck tires! Here's a company profile I got from their FB page/.
We are all about Responsible Fashion, Pinoy Pride, and Social Involvement. Walk with us to happy future! Mission. In a society where trends are constantly changing, our company brings innovation and comfort to people who value style through our fashionable shoes. At the same time, we keep people involved as we aim for a better future by making use of recycled materials for our product.Our mission is to provide a platform for communities to be self-sustaining through unique concepts and innovative livelihood strategies. We envision to form world-renowned, successful, independent and self-sufficient communities fostering responsibility.
Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HabiFootwear or follow them on Twitter: www.twitter.com/walkhabi For inquiries: 09177386159

I was most delighted to see Yadu at the showcase! I know of Yadu from my Sunday market visits in Makati, but had zero idea that it was a social enterprise! Of course I went home with something from Yadu because what perfect timing, I badly needed a new wallet! They have very eccentric yet playful designs for bags, pouches and wallets, as you can see below. The pink fringe bag is one that I am direly lemming for. It's a bit pricey for my budget (at approx P2,000, that's roughly $50) so I just went home with a photo! haha

Here are the wallets from Yadu. I almost went home with the green one, but saw a better design that was more fit to my personality! :) Seriously, aren't they all toooooo cute! They're all made with cloth, handcrafted and didn't involve any skinning of animals for leather! Here's a profile of the brand.

Yadu is a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit of freedom and diversity. It exemplifies a rich tradition of excellence in creating products that addresses the varying needs and personalities of its public. The strength of Yadu comes from its ability to integrate the shared experience of its community into setting new trends that makes it the innovative leader in the industry. Yadu evolved from the legendary Khumbmela, a pioneer in manufacturing quality lifestyle bags and accessories in the country. The Khumbmela brand defined a generation of users that epitomize the distinction, creativity, passion and attitude.

Here are the rest of the cute dry goods that caught my eye!

Beside Morinotes was an accessory stall called Lumago designs. Lumago is a Filipino word for "to bloom". The bracelet I'm wearing below was gifted to me (thank you), and I absolutely LOVE it. It's so calm and very light. I love how it indeed, reminds me of the ocean. I love the colors and the simplicity of the design. The bracelet is even made of recycled magazine paper. Yes, those are paper beads. They're very lovely and expertly crafted, I hope to buy more from Lumago designs. Please, like them on Facebook! Visit their page too: lumagodesigns.com.

Aside from dry goods, there were also food and beverage stalls at the Social Enterprise showcase. I kept on eating eating eating there! No wonder come witching hour, I fell in deep slumber as I literally cocooned inside a hammock at Bamboo Palace! 

Below are coffee options made with love from Sulu and other places in the Philippines. Personally, I think Sulu Coffee is the best! Truly, only for the brave! But I've also tried Kape Maria's Calawit (they have multiple blends of grounds), and I also loved that! :) I love coffee. Then of course, for the non-coffee drinkers, there's Bayani Brew. It's a healthy iced tea beverage that I vouch for especially if you want to regulate your bowel! It's made with real tea leaves and is free from artificial flavors that's why you're sure to experience the digestive benefits of tea with just a bottle! :)

I was also happy to see the Golden Eggs stall at the showcase. I love these salted eggs because they are very flavorful and are not overly salty at all! The sandwiches you see served on the plate are filled with duck meat. They come in three flavors which I was intrigued about. I tried all flavors: coco jam and chili, orange and honey, and rosemary and soy sauce. The one I loved the most was the rosemary flavor.

Bambrew was also available. The food photographed below are all enriched with bamboo! For those who love eating salty food, the PusitOs would surely be a grand hit! It's crispy squid rings with bamboo powder--yammyyyy.

Last but not the least, let me share with you a scoop choco-chili ice cream! It's your favorite chocolate ice cream with a spicy after-kick!

OK, now for some random snaps from the enchanting GK Enchanted Farm! I did a few instagramming while at the farm, but it wouldn't be complete without photos with the people I went to the farm with! :D Sorry for the photo below, It's a candid shot that's why I love it, but in my defense, I wasn't taking a photo of myself. I was just using my front camera as a mirror haha!

Grassroots Cafe, where I took my breakfast and late lunch at. Nice outdoor eatery they have there.

All in all, I enjoyed my day at the farm. It was a tiring trip but it was worth my while. I love being outdoors and breathing in fresh air. I wish I can retire at a place like the Enchanted Farm, where people are all smiles, kind and gentle to the environment. Life is always better lived with kindness at heart.

Have you been to a farm? Tell me more about it!


  1. WOW! Blonde hair ka na pala :) LOVET! And this experience (well-documented I have to say!) looks so fun and refreshing! Bamboo Palace is beautiful!

    1. yes it was a very beautiful place! Punta ka rin!

  2. The place looks beautiful! Didn't know Human Nature was a Philippine brand. :)

    1. Human Nature is a Philippine brand--but with such world class standards! :D

  3. Replies
    1. You should! Masarap yung Calawit from Kape Maria, and the Sulu Coffee, matapang! :)

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