Botanical skincare for dry skin

Each and every one of you, especially if you've been following my pages for at least a few months, should be well-aware by now that I LOVE SUNFLOWERS. I am a sunflower in human form! And that just left me unbelievably excited to go on a botanical skincare experience through MoringaO2 products.

I was gifted with a pack that included a Malunggay soap, MoringaO2 healthy toner and lotion, and for this February, I'd be giving these babies a spin because we all know time would fly by fast, next thing we know, the sun would once again be scorching down our parades, it'd be summerific once more, and nothing beats the sun's damaging rays than proper skin care choices!

To learn more about MoringaO2  here's a brief write up about their products. They have a range of skin benefits that I'm sure, everybody's looking for in a skincare product. I'm so excited to give this range a try because I'm a huge fan of beauty products that makes use of healthy and natural ingredients such as with MoringaO2 which uses olive oil, sunflower oil and of course, moringa, or malunggay.

What's your skin like? (dry, oily, combination)


  1. I love the lotion, currently using it :))

    To think you gave me The Sunflower! It must have meant soo much to you :((



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