Three is a Party

If your face is in this blog post, I'll be seeing you on Saturday, June 25 at Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3, 7PM. :) If not, you're still invited to meet up because I'm always open to meeting new people.

Congratulations to the three winners of I am My Person: Manhattan Portage giveaway! More details on your winning on Saturday so you better show! :p

PreparED" Alcazar: "The weather is unpredictable, thus being prepared is the way to go. I commute to work daily, and always bring my umbrella. Many prefer not to carry this. If they did, they favor the compact kind to conceal it. The Manhattan Portage bag is much like me: well equipped. May it be on a sunny, or a stormy day, it has great protection (Water resistant and durable).
Ferdinand "Dynamic" Tambungui: I am “dynamic” because of my work and lifestyle. I am an Art Director of an Ad Agency. My work requires me to be constanlty thinking of new ideas, conceptualizing and be on the go. Meeting up with clients. Going on a photo shoot. It really is a very fast phase and demanding work. And with the Manhattan Portage bag which is known for their versatility, durability, and adaptability. I’ll just put my shades on and then grab my laptop. I am ready to face the demands of my work with the Manhattan Portage bag.
Princess "Bold" Tobias: "Why do I deserve to win this? Simply because I am fun, fearless, and BOLD. I have my low days but I knew how to find the way UP. I dare to live beyond boundaries. And yes, that’s me-enjoying the sun in VIGAN."

Thank you Urban Athletics and PRC Inc. :)


  1. Loooooove the last photo! It's sooo cute!! :))

  2. Wow! Thank you!! I'll see you next week then, can't wait :)


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