Nivea Creme: a nostalgic beauty-venture, a beauty legacy

I think it's safe to assume that we've all seen this Nivea Crème can. I have to admit I grew up curious about this minimalist and unpretentious skincare product but regretfully, have yet tried it! Do you share the shame?

As a kid, I dare not touch it because I fear my mom would scold me! Also, because generally speaking, outdoor-always dirty-always messy kids such as I do not like putting anything on the skin: I would even refuse putting on sunblock when at the beach! That's how much I rejected skincare.

Years after, I became this "beauty blogger" (please don't refer to me as guru, you don't even have to call me beauty blogger, I'd rather be called friend); with just the right amount of I love cosmetics and I can't live without my skincare type. Life took its course I suppose. I grew up realizing I should care for myself; and who am I to not share what I know... with the world, you my beautiful followers (who from now on should also be referred to as friends).

Funny because I only found out recently that THE VERY SAME Nivea Crème I have grown curious about is actually celebrating 100 years of success! 100 years, I tell you! That's a lot of trust under its belt so of course who was I to say no to the opportunity to try out, if I may say, a beauty legacy!

Here's a shot of my very first, yes very first, can of Nivea Crème.
My first thought was... YUM BRIE CHEESE!!! :D
Then... I lifted off the foil lid and was like Oh! Not Brie! CREAM CHEESE!!! :)
It is so solid! No wonder it's tagged as the most solid moisturizer in the world!
I haven't been using it for a long while; I have actually just used it overnight, but here are some observations I would like to share:

It will bring out the heavy-handed in you. It's so solid, it was a bit difficult to spread. But once you get the hang of it, once the product is warmed up on your skin/body, it gets better. Only better.

It is great for really dry skin! I wouldn't recommend it on the face as it is quite a heavy product, though of course if you need extreme and immediate hydration for your face, feel free. Word of caution though, try to avoid pulling the skin on your face. Try to apply the product with gentle rolling strokes.

Again, it is great for oily skin because as much as my legs found it thick and warm (worry not if you'd be sleeping in a cold air-conditioned room), my calloused feet and dry hands were most delighted with it! I just washed a lot of my make-up brushes prior to trying out the product so you should know, my hands were all prune-wrinkly by the time I stepped out of the loo; but within a minute or so from lathering a dab of the famous Nivea Creme on both palms, my hands were all young and HHWW worthy! (Holding Hands While Walking: HHWW)

I'll keep on trying the product and share with you the results, but for now those are my observations. I'm definite I'll be using this product as a hand and foot salve from now on!

On another note, I have been using Nivea Visage UV Blocker and here's the look of a happy beauty friend (haha! weird pala if you replace blogger or guru with friend! :p)

In celebration of their centenary (oh! ka-birthday ng De La Salle University!)...
Pls click the photo to see my message.
Happiness shared is happiness doubled... don't forget that!


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  1. Used Nivea Creme when I was younger too!! haha! It did wonders kasi sa HS friend ko!! :) It's the only product na ginagamit nyaaa sa face nya!! :)

  2. you just made me laugh especially from saying "here's the look of a happy beauty friend (haha! weird pala if you replace blogger or guru with friend! :p)"
    you are so cute! i am following you already. thank you. if you haven't seen my giveaway, pls join..

  3. I have never tried this before. :-/ LOL

  4. My mum swears by it...she does have great skin and only uses it!...can u believe it?
    by the way thank you soooooo much for you sweet comment on my last post,very sweet indeed....and what kind of guidance do you need?

  5. I always see this but have yet to try it. I now use Nivea's Angel Star Soft Souffle and it melts into the skin and leaves a fresh and sweet fragrance that lingers for a long time. :)


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