My Royal Secret

Old photo taken inside my room.. with make-up.
I love make-up but I'm really really satisfied with how Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker saved me from grace. :) Now even without make-up I can go out looking rosy-cheeked. :)

Me with make-up.
Thank you Nivea! Now for the body!

This is an old photo that I thought of using because it shows the uneven tan on my arm! haha
Don't you find it funny to have T-Shirt tan lines? haha
So I decided trying out Nivea Whitening Inner Cell Repair Cream. I love it because it's always a great idea to heal your skin from the damages it received from last summer's heat wave! It has berry extracts and licorice extracts which make it a sweet choice for body care and whitening.

Nivea Inner Cell Repair Cream on my skin, to show how thick/smooth the formula is.
Nivea Inner Cell Repair Cream comments:
- I am a fan of Nivea's signature scent so I would regard that as a Pro.
- I love how smooth my legs feel when I wake up from an evening of "Inner Cell Reparing".
- It is for the face and body! Great for traveling.
- It feels thick/heavy on the skin (or probably because when I apply lotions, I apply too generously). I would recommend it only for night use.
- That small tub... it only lasted me a week! But like I said, I apply sometimes too generously!

Anywho... the Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker  naman to me is all praise! I love it so much, I stopped using my Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence because of it! Instead of using my essence day and night, I use it in the evening only, right before I apply my Human Heart Nature Royal Jelly and Aloe vera Night Face Mositurizer... ah yes, I do pile on a lot of skin care products at night!

Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker comments:
- I love the fluidity of the product. I always fear whitening products because I'm afraid that I would unevenly whiten. But with UV Blocker, it's so easy to spread unto the skin that I fear uneven skin tone no more! In fact...
- It evens out the skin efficiently! I had serious breakout last April and although what stopped the breakout was a different product (Etude House AC Clinic), the pimple marks I gained from that war against breakout was such a pain! Thank god I was soon introduced to Sparkling White line! I've been using it since and I have zero pimple marks now! :) Goodbye concealers!
- I love the scent!
- I also love that it's from the Nivea Visage line which Princess Kate aka Duchess of Cambridge swears by! Read this link.
- I love that it comes from a wide range! I use Nivea Visage Foaming Face Wash and Whitening Scrub alternately. I'm sure it also contributes to the product's miracle results!
- I love the packaging! The pump is great too as it dispenses only my needed amount for application! That's what I call zero-waste cosmetic!
- Like I said, none!

How about you, what's your royal secret?



  1. LOLOL! My friend has the weirdest and most extreme T-shirt tan lines I've ever seen! LOL


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