Let Go Let Go

We all evaporate.

Listen to everything she (Jane Siberry) had to say for she said everything in such grand way but with simplicity that would hit you with so much impact but with the gentleness of a breeze kissing your cheeks.

I find it interesting how as we grow older we sometimes lose the essences of things. For example, a pen becomes an artifact, or a book becomes a person. A song, sometimes becomes a failure; a movie a gain. Although it is quite astonishing how we "redefine" the world, as if it wasn't a struggle to define it in our incapable toddler bodies; I find it problematic as sometimes we get lost in these series of redefinitions. I'm sure you can relate, imagine one beautiful sonnet, which you redefined to describe a certain love, then another certain love happens, and you use that same beautiful sonnet to describe that second wave; then you love again, and you love again, and since your definition of love doesn't really change, the description remains the same until you find yourself faced with one description for a list of names. Explains why you don't forget, entirely. Each and every name is carried over as you move on.

Hence our need for a clean slate, every now and then.

I really like Jane Siberry's free-speech before she started strumming. But don't get me wrong, when she started strumming, it was like I was laying on a hammock, cleaning slates. Life is a hammock, really. It's uncomfortable yet we can sleep in it. It is in constant motion, yet on it we can think still. It's relaxing, most often than not a paradise of its own, yet it's a net trapping our frail but heavy bodies. It is forced to struggle to carry our restlessness. It is forced to carry our weight. It looks awful with our heaviness; but without our painful requirements, the hammock is but an empty string between pillars of wasted strength.

Moral of the song: Let go of things as you know it; and start learning and keeping and taking things as they are.


Set free.

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