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Earlier today my phone got stolen! It was such a devastating experience because I do love to commute but am fazed by a sequence of unfortunate events that I now find myself questioning my love for certain things...

On a lighter note, I got to meet one of my looong-time-un-met friend Dindin and we sort of ended our acquaintance with Din's question "Are you happy?" that I sheepishly yet frankly answered "I'm always happy."

Cute because she remarked, "As long as there's sunflowers, Kumi's happy." Well my friends, that deserved an award-winning "TUH-MUHH!"

So I thought it's a sign for me to finally share with you some of my thoughts on San-San's Soleil Collection. Being Ms. LovingSUNSHINE, I think it's expected that I give my two cents on this bright and sunny range of cosmetics.

Soleil Collection is endorsed by the beautiful and inevitably charismatic, Maricar Reyes, the new face of San-San.
Let's start with the lips because you know I love lips :) Check out May Beauty Awardees on my "Beauty+Wellness" tab. :)
Peach Ibiza
Pink Tropics
Nude Caribbean

A lot to love right?! Although I guess it's heart-stopping to only have three shades to choose from, Soleil Collection still leaves a juicy statement with it's three respective colors as swatched above. The shades Soleil Collection gives are warm, sweet and innocent, great to captivate the warm amiable spirit of summer.

Well, I know it's no longer summer as marked by Chedeng's swift visit, but as you would expect from someone who would name a website LovingSunshine, I don't let my calendar define my seasons.

Soleil Lipstick make a great lipstick palette for a no-brainer rainy-day look. Pink Tropics leaves just the right amount of "frost" and sweetness to exude a succulent pink shade for the lips while both Peach Ibiza and Nude Caribbean are perfect shades to pair with just about any type of eye-make-up, from eccentric, bold, haute-couture to street-friendly.

True, Soleil Lipstick Collection have very Summer-y names but as I've tried the lipsticks on, I realized they're cool enough to make it through June-August in my kikay kit... well that is if they last that long haha

If you're all the more curious about the lipsticks, let me share with you some good and bad news about these color additions.
1) They have a strong vanilla-scent. Now, if you love vanilla then I guess that is not a problem; however, if you don't, then I guess you wouldn't appreciate swiping on Soleil's colors.
2) They break easily. . . or maybe I'm just clumsy? My Nude Caribbean lipstick's already broken. :( Quite saddening because, there I was so thrilled with Soleil's improved packaging (compared to other San San lipsticks) when... ugh, nabali yung lipstick. (TIP: You can buy small jars/pots with spatulas at HBC, for only 30 for two jars/pots, you can simply transfer your broken lipsticks and use as needed... ZERO WASTE LIPSTICK MANAGEMENT!)

Other than lipsticks... Soleil Collection also has an SPF-loaded Liquid foundation and Nail Polish range... I won't go about discussing the liquid foundation for now and would skip to sharing with you pics of Soleil's lacquer... which I absolutely love!

Will share more about the othe rpolishes shown on this photo.. soon!
Aren't the colors great!!!!??

Similar to their lipstick sisters, these polishes have such cute names too!!! Can you read them? Which do you adore the most?
 Tangerine Burst
Moss Green
Canary Glow

Stay sunny!


Like this post if you're an all-yr-summer advocate, like me! :)


  1. I didn't know that they have nail polishes..the colors are really cool and I would love to give these precious a try! :)


  2. I got one of the lippy and one of the nail polishes and the matte foundie. Been really into San San products lately :D


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