Book to Basics #39 Love is a Four-Letter Word edited by Michael Taeckens

We know, we know... June is about tying the knot; but for those with no relationships to bind, rather losses to get over, June is such a b*tch! That's why I decided to share with you this month anthologies about heartbreak. :) Talk about masochism. Well... I am an advocate of release so here, let me help you let go. (Sulk first, then let go.)
I love reading anthologies especially because if it's by different authors because it is rare to find monotony in the stories therefore it's less dragging to read, especially if the plots involved are heavily emotional such as loss and heartbreak. Love is a Four-Letter Word got intrigued me because judging by the title, I knew for sure that I would between its pages the sarcasm I long adore when it comes to dealing with emotions. I leave the book without disappointments.

Here is a wonderful paragraph from the book's foreword. If you don't know yet, I'm a fan of forewords. :)
"I'm sure I was heartbroken, but from eighteen years down the road and looking back, it seems like it was that young version of heartbreak that comes with the excitement of wondering what might be next--you stay awake smoking cigarettes that can't kill you yet wondering who will be the next person to actually let you see them naked. You're confident by nothing more than knowing that with so many years still in front of you, it's simply bound to happen again."
The book is interesting because the stories included weren't written with raw bitterness and pain (two things that I believe comes with the territory of heartbreak). The stories in this anthology carried with it wisdom that surely did not ooze out from a fresh wound. More importantly, the anthology were stories that I, someone who have experienced heartbreak a number of times already, can easily indirectly and sometimes directly relate to.

It was nice refreshing my heart with such painful memories... nice to know I got over them and I'm in a wonderful place right now. 

I really love the last story of this anthology. I almost cried! Oh it was sooo sad. The title is I love you in Twelve Languages by Wendy Brenner. It was such a beautiful painful read I had to endure. Great ending.

Love is a Four-Letter Word (Php 675) is available at Fully Booked.



PS. Oh so funny! The book has colored comic inserts that surprisingly is made by a Filipino artist! Why do I know??? It talks about kuto! hahaha Heartbreak involving kuto (head lice)! FUNNY


  1. I'll definitely buy this one.. thanks for sharing.. followed you..

  2. I'll definitely check this out! It sounds soo interesting! :D


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