I hope the music plays...

There are times when songs hit me like I've never been hurt before. Do you remember that kind of blow, the first one?

"If you ask me to stay, I'd stay."

Isn't it exciting to feel so strongly about a rock, for example. Ever wonder what it's like to see a whole different world when you look at a pebble, or a salt? Ever desired that foresight, oh that ability, to see impossible things before ones eyes. erratum The ability to feel it. Wow.

I would like to admit something a bit embarassing for me to share. You know big words right? I want you to rechannel that certain flush when fazed by a big word. Cause I really like that flush, even if it does make me feel all weak-kneed.

One of my favorite "big words" is the word implosion. When I learned about that word, it was so familiar yet strange. I know for sure I did not know implosion, the word, before my Humanities Professor spoke of it; but for some weird reason, maybe in a parallel universe, implosion, the noun, was my hobby... or my element.

...or power source.

World Spins Madly On by NettwerkMusicThis song if for all the tiny little pieces of Kumiko I have left behind, in circles, in trails, in random outburst showers and in vain.

This song is a comfortable dynamite. It brings forth an implosion so difficult to contain, yet contained. You know that feeling when the world is mad and you know you're mad, but can't possibly be madder than the world... then realize in this moment we speak of that you're wrong. That's you're actually worse. That your laughter's actually louder, thoughts more incoherrent, feelings more expanded? This song is that moment's plastic container. See through it. Witness.

I really like knowing how my nature is very very mortal. Oh how it dies. Funny how it's admirable how my nature is irrevocably infinite. Oh how it burns to rise up from the ashes.

To know the truth is painful. To see the truth is magic. To tell the truth, that is who I am.



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