Book to Basics #37 A Convergence of Birds: original fiction and poetry inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell edited by Jonathan Safran Foer

Remember when my page reached...

Remember we celebrated it with a book giveaway? :) Well, here you go. The winner of

is Ranjay de Guzman!

Hi Kumiko Mae, I wanna try to join your give-away, well obviously I am the first to post.. I am not really a book worm but more on a movie buff, hehe, I just love the idea of surprising my wifey by giving these book to her if ever i win (another collection for her) -- awwww. Let me share to you my own "line defiance" - I am just a typical guy, perhaps one of those mysterious/shy type man living in this world, I am just a home buddy, I don't go outside to mingle, I owned a guitar and a gameboy that me stayed at home. (They are my trusted partners for 20 years) -- haha! you're funny! When I turned 21, I joined an amateur Band named 'butterfly mood swings' I became the Band Lead Guitarist, We have joined lot's of Battle of the bands and gigs,. This experience made me come out of my shell, spread my wings and show my talent to the world, especially to the girls.. :) -- I should follow your lead! I still have that shy bone once in a while but I am more confident now because I already found someone whose more maingay, wild and makapal ang mukha than me. and that's my wifey.. Na get's nyo po ang kwento ko? heheh.. Thanks
Congratulations! I sure hope you enjoy the book. Please email me your contact details so I can have your prize shipped immediately. The book's with me already and all I'm waiting for is your address :)

Oh, you know me. Of course there's more. I'm giving away a consolation prizes (bet you didn't expect this unannounced favor). The winner is Ria Romero! :) You are my May Comment of the month :)

I live a crazy life, melo-dramatic if i may call it. I was left by my mother when i was three months old and was reared by my grand mother. I thought that life was complete with just her but things become rough when she died and i was left alone with my father who was left by his second family. Life with him is hard. There is no week that my life is in hell and i thought i'm going to be crazy. i could not count the times he hit me and i just want to die that time and i have tried not just one. I have no one to call "my friend" because i'm unreasonable,emotional and not easy to be with. I'm just a person who lives inside my own box, i've tried to run and i did run and i thought it was over but it was not but it just worsen my problem and when the time i was in college i met my now then husband and i saw him as my exit to my life and my father could not forgive me for doing that but giving your heart is a new thing and it takes time to heal it's wound. I have forgiven my father and i don't want to look back because i don't want to feel that pain and anger again. I'm now free, alive, doing my best to be a loving mom and a responsible wife. -- You're awesome!
Sis, you already!

Okay, to those who didn't win. You can always get your copy from Fully Booked (Php 1,299). :) Here are some sweet words for your pleasure.

Laughter is not secular and imagination is life.

Of your fleetin and unloved life, I make you immortal
Of your broken heart, I make out
Out of that lost day have I plucked you and myself
Yet you are alon in the box I doomed to invisibility
Am forbidden to make myself place beside you.

Happy weekend!


Just to let you know where we stand now... THANK YOU!
Hope to reach 3k soon! I'm ready to invite na Likers for my mini SPArty :)



  1. thank's so much. When i look back on what had happen to my life, although it's painful i still had that smile because i know i had a chance to live a new life and that's what matters most.

  2. hi! i stumbled upon ur blog while searching for a beauty product.. and now i can't stop chasing for beautiful things...hehe.. i love ur blog. very inspiring. =)


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