On coloring the hair and caring for my armpits :p

This is my hair color now. I'm really bad at coloring my hair, especially since I usually do it at the most random and ungoldy times, but I'm pretty satisfied with the turnout of my Revlon Red Hair Color despite the obvious lack of root coloring at the back of my head haha
Hair color by me haha
My roots are showing! That's a shot of my hair roots before Revlon kissed it with red pigments. I used to be Blonde haha A light hazel blonde headed girl. I colored before using HBC hair coloring products naman

Last look :) Don't get me wrong... I still want to be blonde. I just want to be a redhead more haha

Redhead, tadaa I used Revlon Color Luminista :) I really like it cause it smelled so nice and the hair treatment that comes with the coloring product is Mango Butter! :D Mango Butter is great for the hair ye'know.

My red head :) What do you think?

Don't be afraid okay? Color your hair na! :)

Yeah... speaking of Mango Butter... am quite bummed that Human Heart Nature phased this out! I love this conditioner so much! :( I'm using it now as my every day conditioner so my hair care is consistent with what Revlon Luminista recommended, through ze Mango Butters kiss. :)

Well... at least the New Moisturizing Conditioner with Mandarin/Lemongrass scent is great! IT would've be twice painful if the Nourshing Conditioner line was replaced by a range that my hair will not be, how do you put it, hiyang with. :)

Human Heart NAture's All New Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFoam Technology and the New Moisturizing Conditioner blurred at the back :D
Because I color my hair (damage it a lot haha) I really rely on Human Nature's great range of hair care to revive my hopefully brought back to life strands. :D I really like their hair care products talaga. I have full confidence that their shampoos and conditioners oh and especially their hair mask can perform miracles to even the most unruly of hair conditions! But now, I will put one of their bestselling products to the test. I mean, if it's bestselling, there has to be a reason right?

So I announced yesterday that I will start my 30-day challenge using Human Nature's Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil. Magkaalaman na! Taas kamay!

haha I struggled to take photos of my kili-kili while waiting inside the car! hahaha I figured, since the photos were taken yesterday, Independence Day here in our country, it's perfect reason to celebrate freedom to wear sleeveless tops! haha

So funny that my armpit shots were liked at the fan page too lol
Let's see how far it would go. :) I'm doing this challenge with someone too so we can compare results haha :)


  1. I'm planning to have my hair colored rin. Strawberry blonde or maybe even red! :))

  2. I'm gonna color my hair sometime soon using Etude House's bubble hair coloring. Hihi. First time :D

  3. What did you do to your underarm? It looks good. :)


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