Looking back at Clean Rinse

Lately, it's been raining hard and on a very shallow note, that just means there's lots of water to shower with! I have been overdosing my crowning glory with Moisturizing Conditioner! (which sorta gained instant popularity over my facebook page because of this photo:)

Normally I feel like I'm talking to myself online, which is both therapeutic and a little loose in the head if you ask me haha but boy did you all like my high contrast-ed skin haha The hair color really is red though. You might wonder why in this photo it's super red while in some it looks brunette. It's the lighting. When there's intense lighting, my true hair color shows. Well... true thank you Revlon Color Luminista hair color that is haha!

because of such blessing called rainshowers, let me take a refreshing look during those hot summer days when there's no water... and my life depended on Milea Organics No Rinse Clean Rinse!

Clean Rinse

Comments on Clean Rinse:
- Sanitizes the body without using skin drying alcohol ingredients! Remember, if its alcohol-free, it's easier to maintain your skin's natural moisture. If your skin's moisture is preserved, you stay looking younger... longer!
- Big bottle. Big enough to make it last a number of uses... but not bulky enough to not make it to my kit
- Easy grip packaging (bottle's shape is uniquely triangular!)
- Light as water
- Great to use when using public CR! :) Great for commuters!
- Very faint lemongrass scent. I love the smell of lemongrass so it's quite odd to really have to dig in to this product's goodness to smell the lemongrass that oh, the ingredients page says there is!
- A bit sticky
- A bit difficult to find... but if you're a bonafide online shopper, get yours at www.milea.ph

Happy rinsing!


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  1. not connected but I love how glowy you look in the first shot! :D


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