Blue Valentine

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I'm really happy that Blue Valentine's downed by my system. Here's the trailer. It's one of my favorite scenes from the movie. It's such a raw moment of happiness. If you can capture what it looks like to go over the edge and lose yourself to the possibility of falling for someone, it is through this tapdance/solo-concert.

The movie was heavy, I have to say, so it's not the type you should see for entertainment; but it is arresting. I would recommend Blue Valentine to anyone, the hopeful and the hopeless.

These moments made me miss you A... haha I know the third still isn't something you would want to relate with our relationship, but it made me miss you!

If I ask you what you're thinking while we wait for our turn, you would probably answer the same.
" Let's do this."


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  1. i super cried my eyeballs out watching this. and ironic was i was watching it wiht my boyfriend. glad to say we're still very much together still ad hopefully forever:)

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  2. This and Love and Other Drugs is still on my Movies To Watch List. :D


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