Book to Basics #36 The Happy Hook-Up by Joy Alexa Sherman and Nicole Tocantin

Holla' if you're crazy! Listen to one of my favorite anthems! :)
Crazy Gils by Bethany Joy Lenz is such an amazing song :) I love it to pieces ♥

This you read when it's time to be sexy.

Okay, let's open the book that leads to where the wild thoughts are. :) I must say I got this book because of it's cover design. I'm such a huge fun of cover arts: albums, books, etc! I think it's a really interesting business!

Also, because it's such an intriguing book! It was on sale at National Bookstore (just Php 50!) so I was so game to spend on nothing. Funny.. I unintentionally learned a thing or two. Damn, I have no idea if I would apply the lessons I learned in this book though. Well, all the safe practices I supposed but well the real praxis of a true-blue Happy-Hook-Upper, I'm not sure! hahaha Oh dear, there goes my sexual inhibitions to the surface!

Which reminds me of the time my sister (bunso) was complaining about my sometimes going "amazonian" aka bra-less: something I would have to blame on my friend Anna, the original "Amazon" princess of my life! I told her, it should be okay because it's an expression of sexual maturity! (I said that to my bunso and in front of my mom! I think my mom almost choked! And well my conservative little sister gave me one of her frowny funny faces... haha Wow, it's all just sinking in! The things I tell my sis! Last night while having "breakfast over late 'dinner'" with my friend Nikki, I told her about my comment on Selena Gomez being a bad girl and she completely shed light on it. I shouldn't comment like that to my bunsong kapatid! hihi UP, please donn't overpower moi systema.)

Anyway, I guess if you're the curious type or if you're the type who enjoys reading the confessions section of adult magazines, then you would fancy this book as well. Other than that, this book offers nothing much that a marathon of Sex and the City can't offer! :)

Let's talk about having sexy hair...
Now for cute things... (cause I'm not sexually mature, yet!)

I think there's nothing sexier than messy bed hair... and well, wavy hair looks best worn like such so let me share with you what I sometimes do to keep my hair looking curly and all-tossed up!

1. Before sleeping, take a shower. Best if you would pamper your locks with your favorite home-hair-remedies. There are a lot of home spa treatments available in the market so take your pick! This will give you shiny hair! Great with curls! :)

2. While your hair is damp (not wet, but damp, so please do air dry your hair a little). Comb a little to untangle. Divide your hair into sections, two section's normally okay but if you have thick hair, you might want to divide your hair into four sections... as if you're coloring your hair. :)

3. Make Chun-Li buns. (Simply twist your hair and let it curl into what would resemble Chun-Li's buns!)

4. Sleep with your Chun-Li buns. Let your hair dry like so, as you get your beauty rest.

5. Upon waking up the next day, remove your Chun-Li buns and enjoy your shiny bouncy natural curls! :) Best done after you shower in the morning so you don't wet and completely limp out your overnight curls!

:D Big curls

Recommended: Spritz on some spray net to keep the curls in place :)

The curls would be uneven, soft and very natural. Oh, and sexy-messy. :)

Have fun!

I think it's about time we sing this book's most apt anthem, by Booty Beyonce.



  1. LOVE THE CURLS, Miko!!! Sayang kakaputol lang ng hair ko! Try ko to!! haha!! Ang ganda ng effect sayooo!!

  2. I loove the cover!! That's all I can say! :)

  3. Wow! Love the curls. I just hope i can do this on my thick wavy hair.

    New follower here.


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