What is a skin toner?

Like this post if you want poreless-looking skin.

Hello Sunshine! Poreless skin is a dream for women. The smaller your pores appear, the smoother your skin looks like. On top of that, smaller pores means lesser chances of accumulating dirt that leads to whiteheads and blackheads, and sometimes even pimples and acne. So how does one achieve it?

One simple way to do it is to use a skin toner. A skin toner is something that most people overlook or understate because it seems like a futile effort. What does a light liquid contribute to skin perfection? What can a cotton ball do that a wash or a scrub can’t? Well, ladies, it’s time for you to open up your eyes and realize the importance of a skin toner—and just how much it can make life easier for you to achieve smooth and perfected skin.

A skin toner is ideal for people who have oily skin. When your pores are active in producing sebum, a common characteristic is for you to also be suffering from larger more visible pores. When your pores are visible, it makes your skin more susceptible to skin blemishes; likewise, it makes your skin appear to have a rough texture. No one wants that. To prevent, control and eventually, improve your skin’s condition, simply using a gentle toner to calm your pores can do the trick. The effect will not be instantaneous, but the gradual improvement of your skin’s texture and pore’s visibility, and even activity, will be more lasting thus life-changing.

A skin toner is also ideal to improve your facial cleansing method. Sometimes, when we wash our face, we’re unable to rinse as properly as we should. Residual soap may cause irritation, and continuing with such a habit may cause skin irritation. When you use a skin toner, you easily do away with all that worry, while also giving your skin that real chance to breathe.

So yes, don’t look down on that cotton ball. After washing your face, start the habit of using a skin toner and feel how your skin starts from being dull to glowing.

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  1. I've been using toners since the start of high school. At first I just used it because I hate the alcohol-like feel of astringents that my mom kept telling me to use. And how my 'kaarte-ness' made me do the right decision! I love toners and it has been a must that I have one in my stash ALWAYS! :D

  2. I just recently learned the importance of a toner in a skincare routine. Good thing, it's not yet too late! :)


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