The Magic of Night Cream

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Hello Sunshine! What is your daily skincare regimen like? Does it only happen during the day? Because if you should ask me, I would jump into recommending that you care for your skin extensively at night too! Night care regimens for nourishing and allowing the skin to recover from the day’s hussle is a must for all ages because our body recovers from most if not all of its daily grind when we hit the snooze button.
Remember how I talked about using a day cream on this post? Today, let me take you down the road of daily night cream use.

The body gets its most rest at night—and no matter what time of the day you get most of your sleep from, the body is wired to process all possible needs of recovery when it’s night time; hence the 180 degree difference of a good night’s sleep in the evening and a long nap during the day. It’s just how our body function. It recognizes sunlight and the darkness of night—and prefers the evening beams as its signal fire for usual skin ‘regeneration’ if I may say.

That is why using a night cream is very important. Night creams are usually more potent than day creams for the same reason—because our body, our skin in particular, absorbs the goodness and potency of these night products more than how they do during the day.

Also, the skin is soaked longer in these potent night creams and evening skincare products so it is given a longer time to bask in the nutrients, moisture and nourishment evening skincare products offer. A night cream in particular, helps maximize a good night sleep. Imagine, as you relax and forget about your busy day, your skin is actually busy absorbing its much needed nourishment from your night cream of choice.

If you would consider yourself as the lazy type—who wouldn’t be bothered to use any skincare product, then you should truly consider using a night cream because it is skincare that happens while you sleep. Imagine waking up to smoother, softer and more supple skin... just because you drenched your skin with potent evening skin care treatments, with something as simple as a night cream? It's like cheating your way to having enough sleep when in reality, it wasn't even the recommended 8 hours minimum. Magical, isn’t it? (Although, if you can, please get enough sleep.)

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  2. Wonderful! I've been looking for some night creams suitable for my skin yet affordable. I (sadly) have combination, acne prone skin. The weather here is changing a lot too at the moment... My skin hates it :(
    Looking at getting Vitamin E Cream. Do you have any opinions on it as a night cream?


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  3. I only use day cream, but I guess I should have some night cream too! :)


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