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Hello Sunshine! My guilty pleasure is to watch and read about fellow beauty maven's makeup organization posts. I just love learning innovative and classy ways to organize makeup. It can be very troubling and unpractical to not have enough space, worse a mess, to wake up to when you just want to feel pretty! So if like me, you love makeup organization posts, here's a little something for you.

Go to this post to read how to make a DIY Brush Holder post! 

Hope my makeup organization tips helped you find your ideal beauty organization system! If you have any other ideas or posts on makeup organization, please leave a link in the comments!

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  1. Woah, you ARE organized. (nice new banner, btw)

    I don't need an organization system yet, my collection is pretty small. I just use a mini-drawer I bought from Office Warehouse :P

  2. Omg!! That's A LOT of make up you have!!!!

  3. wow! I definitely love how you organize your makeup drawer. I used to have an organized makeup corner not until I transfer from one place to another, I lost my sense of organizing things and keeping it neat. :) xo

  4. Very well organization. I always organize my makeup tools and kits but after some days it was again in scattered condition. But I like your tips and will try to do like this.


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