TURNBACK TUESDAY#31 New Beginnings

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It's been a week since I walked into a new set of shoes (figuratively and literally speaking). Seven days into my new responsibility, I can say that I'm still a bit unguarded and in disbelief every now and then.

Being responsible takes a lot of mojo from anyone. It makes you rethink the things you once prioritized, perhaps set it up or down your list, and move, always move forward. An output oriented lifestyle becomes the thing to be because without output, you’d just get stuck—along with the people who must be relying on you, Ms. Responsibility.

Being responsible can be tiring though. Despite its tireless demands, reality bites and it does pave way to sore muscles (figuratively and literally speaking). Good thing each time you move, you also gain a fresh start and chance to meeting new things, new inspiration and even new ways to reward yourself.

Today, I will share with you those very three that I encountered in my glorious seven days of rebirth. I will share a new thing, a new inspiration and a new reward to self, with hopes that my story will comfort a tired soul out there too.

Part of wearing new shoes should be new clothes. Last week, I attended Marks and Spencer's Summer Fashion Show at Shangri-la Mall and was very happy with the bright colored pants, light fabrics and printed tops they released. Summer is surely the best time of the year to unleash that pastel closet so if you wish to renew, try out something fresh for your fabrics.

New inspiration: My HBC Haul

Also last week was the launch of HBC's My HBC Haul campaign in which I starred with my fellow bloggers Aya and Say. I have always loved working with HBC because they're very sweet and thoughtful, just the way I like it! 

FYI, I personally thought of the copy on my thought bubble below! Truly, with their affordable prices and varied ranges, I find life's simple pleasures at HBC. Mind you, I really did go on an HBC haul last month for this campaign! Read this post for My HBC Haul.

New reward: Cobo Milk Tea

Because the heat is sometimes turned on too much, nothing beats playing it cool with a refreshing drink. I recently tried Cobo Milk Tea and first impressions were all good. 1) They had super affordable drinks, and 2) they had so many flavors and sinkers and toppings to choose from! Awesome possibiliteas is such an apt slogan for Cobo because with so much choices, you'll surprise yourself with the fun you can create out of a milktea and juice drink!

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How about you, what new thing have you discovered lately?

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