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Hello Sunshine! The last week of April was a bummer because I suddenly fell sick. I hate being sick because I am left helpless against my frailty, but good thing SampleRoom held a special Earth Day run where they featured earth-friendly natural and organic products of which I was able to sample! Below are the samples that I got from SampleRoom and Zenutrients.

The Ginger RX in the middle was pure heaven-sent. My first night of nursing a fever, I couldn't even breathe well, and it was Ginger RX that helped me ease down to a sleep. I rubbed it under my nose, down my throat and my chest; while the All is Well oil, I rolled down my temples. It helped me forget about my headache, so grateful these samples came in time!

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I haven't gone to trying the Relaxing Massage Oil yet because I am hoping to finish this Ginger Massage Oil before I start using another one; however, I opened up the bottle and smelled the product and WOW, it smelled so so so so good! I frankly do not like using anything VCO because I don't like how VCO settles into an "old" smell, but wow, the Zenutrients oils I've tried do not sink into a grandma smell even after hours of usage! The Relaxing Massage Oil in particular has a fun and lively citrus effect thanks to the Orange extracts thrown in its gentle VCO-based formula.

More than ever, SampleRoom has proven itself as a great site for discovering new brands, and even discovering new products to love from already trusted brands like Zenutrients. Personally, aside from the All is Well range that I am hands down all praise for, I would recommend the Zenutirients soap range for any naturals beginner. I mean, who can resist smoothening soaps that smell and feel so good to wash with? And look, they even have a Chocolate Bath Soap*! Wow!

Zenutrients branches:
3/F Lucky Chinatown Mall (near Mary Grace)
3/F Robinson’s Galleria (near Bayo)
2/F Virra Mall Greenhills (near Palmistry & cell phone area)
1/F Festival Mall
Landmark Makati
Landmark Trinoma


  1. loving the anti-cellulite oil, it's cooling and non-sticky

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