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Hello Sunshine! As we approach summer's end, I'd like to follow suit and give Mother Nature some limelight. Discovering beauty means learning more about products that can enhance the naturally beautiful features we were born with--be it beautiful hair, flawless skin, legs that goes on and on or a smile that bewilders.

Today, I want to share with you a beautiful discovery in the form of Green Beauty, c/o friends from Glamourbox.ph, a beauty sampling box service that front lines local and international beauty finds ideal for every beauty concern.

Last week, I got to finally play around with my Glamourbox April “Green Beauty” box*. With that, is today’s status report as I look down a week’s worth of “Green Beauty”, an eco-conscious take on uncovering the beautiful in me.

1. Regatta Leisure For Men 50ml P395 -- despite my femininity, I sometimes find myself completely smitten with Men's Fragrances. This particular number from Regatta capture what to me is the scent of summer!
2. Regatta Leisure For Women 50ml P395 -- here's a sweeter and softer spin to bottling summer's vibe into a fragrance. I like this, but loved the For Men version more. :)
3. Hollywood Style Summer Light Lotion 275ml P195 -- to call this lotion "summer light" is most apt because the blend of aloe vera and cucumber notes into this lightly formulated lotion is refreshing even on days when it's blazing hot, you would think a lotion is most unwelcome.
4. Mir and Ryvi Soap Flakes 250ml P450 -- first of all, let me just say, what a beautiful jar! I'm frankly so excited to use up the contents of this soap flakes jar because I want to recycle the container! Anyway, it's my first time to use soap flakes and I'm quite surprised as to how easy they are to use! You can even transfer some bits and pieces into smaller containers so you can kiss a bulky travel kit goodbye!
5. Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap 140g P250 -- I resort to skin lightening soaps to make sure that my skin is even toned and is not getting any darker (because I'm currently wearing blonde hair, I can't afford to be all out dark). Now, I know a lot of skin lightening products in the market are harsh to the user and even to the environment as they leave nasty chemical footprints down to our ocean waters... that's why I am very happy to have discovered an organic alternative to skin lightening, Mir and Ryvi. It's not my first time to try their products, but if there's one thing I'm sure of, it sure ain't going to be my last.
6. Mox Botanicals Lip Butter in Coconut Almondine .02oz P740 -- although this product is very effective in healing my sun-dried lips, on a personal note, I'm not a fan of makeup that requires dipping my finger on it. I also am not huge on the coconut scent, although without a doubt, if you're suffering from severe chapping, this can be the miracle find for you. Shop here.
7. Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm Magic Tink Tint - Happy Thoughts Pink .10oz P735 -- OK... I saved the best for last. This, is by far, the best most exciting and adorable Green Beauty find I got to unbox from my Glamourbox April beauty box. It is a Pixi product, and I love Pixi, so I'm downright sold for this item. Not only does it come in a special edition packaging (in green and pink, my favorite color combination!), but also, it is a beauty product that is made especially for Tinkerbell fans all around the world! I just love Tinkerbell so yes, even without trying, I had a strong hunch I will never let go of this beauty product from the moment my eyes set on it. But of course, it completely topped a cherry on my thoughts when I swiped the pink tint and realized how perfectly smooth, delicious and naturally sweet its pink tint is on my lips. So happy with this beauty product. I invite you all to give this, and other Pixi products a try! If you want to learn more about Pixi products, visit and shop at the Glamourbox.ph boutique via this link.

To the unfamiliar, I’m most keen about “Green Beauty” because I firmly believe that any form of kindness is always better. In the language of beauty and discoveries, anything that causes the least harm to oneself and one’s environment should always be the prime choice. Beauty should be open-for-all, for generations to come, and we can only assure that if we walk down a path of “Green Beauty”, a state of mind that doesn’t just concerns itself to vanity’s definition of what is beautiful, but also follows the heart’s intention of what makes things (and people) beautiful: kindness and light.

Don't forget to also join their upcoming beauty workshop! Details below!

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  1. Hi K! Lovely haul! I have a question though. I am interested in a sampling box but I am torn between Saladbox and Glamourbox. Any thoughts? =D


    1. Omg, easy!!! GlamourboxPH! They have more premium brands an very professional service

    2. Haha thank you! I will give it a try and let you know! Mwah! =D


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