Tea Tree and Ginger goodies

Hello Sunshine! I guess it's not secret that I love products that are gently formulated with natural and organic ingredients. As much as I can, I try to limit my chemical-based personal care products simply because I know that going natural is kinder to my body and to our environment.

Among the many brands that I've tried is Zenutrients. A homegrown brand of natural and organic personal care products that boasts of premium functioning skincare, hair care and beauty ranges. Today, I want to share with you two items that I've tried from their house, and furthermore, share with you a bit of know-how on these natural-based goodies.

First in line is the Zenutrients Tea Tree Underarm Spray. Because summer is all about the hot hot hot days, it is essential to have something to keep you smelling and feeling fresh all day. Now, I have to be frank, this underarm spray will not keep the perspiration at bay--but that's not a worry, because frankly, I'd rather have the toxins out. Besides, did you know that our sweat doesn't smell bad? It is when it is mixed with bacteria that it starts to harbor a foul odor? To prevent body odor, you don't have to fear sweat. Just make sure you stay clean and your clothes are washed properly too. Of course, no harm done in starting the day with an underarm spray that has antibacterial properties aside from a fresh fragrance to boot!

Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-bacterial extract that can help keep the body odor at bay. However, aside from its antiseptic properties, did you know that it has other skincare benefits too? Tea Tree Oil helps prevent acne, heal cuts and scratches, and even ease itching insect bites. Among many things, I would really appreciate an underarm spray that can prevent bumps on my armpits, heal any shaving scars and ease any itchy sensation throughout the day.

Aside from the underarm spray, I also got to try the Zenutrients Special Blend Massage Oil with Ginger. I love anything with ginger, for beauty. I love ginger fragrances, room scents, and even ginger scrubs. I think ginger is among those star ingredients from nature that we are fortunate enough to have in abundance of (so it's not expensive).

Even with this hot weather, nothing beats a warming massage oil after a cool evening shower. I personally love using oils for nourishing the skin cause they feel more intensive and easily absorbed whatever the season, so I am inclined to favor this product, that's for sure.

The Virgin Coconut Oil base of this massage oil already ensure the potency of its moisturizing aspect, but adding the ginger extract in this tonic just made it all the more an ideal skincare item. Ginger helps ease inflammation of the skin while also leaving a radiance unto the skin after use. This means you have a smoother and more rested complexion just because of that wonderful spice in your skincare.

Being a medicinal plant, ginger also has skin healing properties such as anti-aging properties dealing with lightening of age spots. Ginger is also high in anti-oxidants which helps keep the skin looking younger longer.

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