Is your powder a Perfect Fit?

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Nobody wants to hide under a fake layer of self. The best means of living is through a natural and amiable way, one that lets your inner light shine through. With that in mind, it's such an exciting news to share that ZA cosmetics is all about accentuating than distorting your "realness". With 50 years of study focusing on Asian skin, there's peace of mind in using ZA's makeup line.

At the helm is their foundation pieces. The Perfect Fit Two-Way foundation is a city girl's best friend, indeed. It offers long-wearing coverage; while also preventing excess shine. You want the city lights to flicker from afar, not on your face! So having a trusted two-way cake, that also boasts of a weightless finish and effortless poreless look, is a must for the Metropolitan beauty.

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The Perfect Fit two-way cake comes in a range of shades where every Asian beauty can find a perfect fit. Can you find yours among the tones below? I can! Go check out ZA counters as soon as possible! ZA Cosmetics is back in town, and will be available in all leading department stores. #happiness

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